This is a letter from a young S.T.E.A. (Save the Earth Agent) on the G-Planet (G stands for Green) sending to his friend on the Earth. The G-Planet is a small yet special place - only for the ones who have the strong will needed to build a new green society. The G-Planet residents are trying their best to raise the awareness of people on the Earth, help them to transform the environment and prove that a green society can become a developed one without destroying Mother Nature…

G-Planet, 1st Pine tree, 2112

Hi buddy!

How are you doing? I miss you as a tree misses sunlight. I hope that everything is going well and your effort of saving the earth can flourish in the present situation. Do you remember that on G-Planet, people do not name the months as you do on the earth, we call the months by the tree’s name? Therefore, instead of December, we call this month “Pine tree,” and that means the Christmas is coming very soon. This year will be one more Christmas we cannot get together. I hope that we can see each other as soon as I wish, and it means our plan is half-completed. I am looking forward for the day that you will take the leaders to G-Planet and show them that a real green society is not a starry-eyed one.

Up until now, everything is in progress on G-Planet, and we are in the campaign of growing more pine trees. You do not need to worry much about the complexity of this campaign. Our duty is just supporting people to grow pine trees on Christmas instead of cutting them down. Actually, everything seems so ideal on this planet because everyone has a high awareness about protecting the environment, as I already told you in the previous letter. People are willing to grow trees and try to create a clean and green environment. By the way, I have great news for you, after four years moving here, 90% of the planet was covered by the green of trees. It is an outstanding movement after constructing the solar and wind energy’s system last year.

Today on the way to delivering the spring’s seeds to the neighbor town, I took a rest on the river’s bank. It was so cozy to lie down on the grass, and I thought about our childhood. I still remembered that we always asked our favorite teacher why she loved green - the color of leaves. I guessed that I got the answer and felt the same way she felt. Each kind of tree puts on a different green coat and owns its own charm. Whenever watching the green color, we all feel so comfortable, peaceful, and refreshing. And the most significant thing is that it transfers hope for this life. We will not lose faith to save the earth as long as there is one sapling. Our dear teacher tried to transmit her love for nature to us. She knew that when we loved for something, we would do our best to protect and enhance it. It is much better than giving us a mission to complete.

When facing the environmental problem, people gradually figure out the importance of protecting trees and wild life. They are more conscious about the need of defending the environment and take proper actions to recover the situation – the thing we have tried to alert them of for centuries. With a strong will as well as an optimistic view, I believe that the earth can be reborn and become a green environment again. There is no doubt that you strongly agree with me, haha.

Wish all the luck for our campaign and hope to see you very soon, on the Earth.

Breathe as a tree,

M. Nguyen_9D

  • leosam

    very good! keep going girl!