Formerly, women suffered many unfair things in the rust feudal system. They never had chance to speak out in the society, they just knew how to let the silence do the talking. In the family, they played the two main roles such as wives and mothers.

Also, they were not allowed to attend class, they had to follow their parents in marriage –Their parents gave them to those who became their husbands, they had no choice. Like the poem of Ho Xuan Huong –“ The Cake That Driffs in Water”,

                   My body is both white and round

                   In water I may sink or swim

                   The hand the kneads me may be rough,

                   But I still shall keep my true-red heart.

Indeed, from the poem above, Ho Xuan Huong told the truth of the fate of former women. Therefore, we must say that it was not fair for women at that time, how powerless they were! More unfairly, that is the men were able to have more than one wife. I myself asked how well those wives lived in the same husbands and houses, they maybe many times shed tears to share love to the other wives. How miserable a woman’s life was!

            In the old days, the society was such an unfair thing. However, we always believe that the earth is round, the freedom brings to women after National Women’s Liberation –On the March 8th 1899, many women in New York City and Chicago City fought to win their freedom, then many western countries’ women also rose up. In our country, the Two Trung Sisters are a good example.

            By looking back the images of women in the past is so powerless. But today, the society has been developing and improving a lot, women play a very important role in many fields –they are good at housework, great wives, and wonderful mothers, besides; there are many women who have success in social and economic work, even in offices. For instance, The Secretary of State in the US is Miss Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Miss Angela Merkel, she is the Prime Minister of Germany. Now that,  have you ever  wondered  whether you are a person who looked down women or not? The special thing I want to send to readers is that it is time for us to compensate for what women suffered before; we need to love and take good care of them, and never let them suffer again.


On the other hand, some of men seem not to like the Women’s Day because they have to do many things for women. But why they themselves ask what great things women give them. Besides, other men thought that they just give special love to women on that day, we actually must say they should change their mind because if every day is Women’s Day, we cannot pay back what women tasted in before.

By the way, when Women’s Day is arriving, I am honest to send my appreciation all of women in the world in general, and all mothers who generate us with joy, fun and happiness. Also, women must also love and take good care of men.

The Anh_9D

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