Nowadays, the role of women in society becomes higher with every passing day. Thanks to the equal rights for men and women, women can go to school, acquire knowledge and build their future. It is supposed that modern women are good both at work and home. They can work as effectively as their men colleagues. And when coming home, they are excellent wives as well as cherished mothers.

Therefore, it is assumed that there is nothing to complain or struggle for the women’s rights these days. Women’s value is already acknowledged. Now, people have many other issues to concern such as school’s violence, increasing petroleum prices, and insecure world politics. However, have we ever wondered if all the women are treated equally?

A research study by the General Statistics Office and UNICEF in 2006 showed a surprising result. Up to 64% of women aged from 15 to 49 accept their husbands’ violent behavior for one of five reasons: (1) she goes out without telling her husband, (2) she neglects their children, (3) she argues with her husband, (4) she refuses to have sex with her husband, and (5) she overcooks meals. The result shows that two out of three women agree with their husband about “the punishment” if they have one of five above-mentioned shortcomings.

In Vietnam, one of the main reasons leading to family violence is the lack of insider knowledge. Worse, because they lack knowledge, women themselves create for men an “enabling environment” to promote their violence. Most cases of spousal violence are in rural and mountainous regions, where the people’s awareness as well as education is still very poor. In fact, the number of ethnic minority women tending to accept their husband’s violent behaviors is higher than Kinh women.

Besides, for the women of previous generations, they are likely to accept family violence and consider that it is their fault. They are strongly affected by the primitive conception of the wife’s condition. In addition, they are short of opportunity to access information and education in comparison with younger groups. As the result, most of them keep silent and accept their fate resignedly. Actually, 87% of the abused women never think about asking the local administration for interference or help.

The consequences of domestic violence do not affect women only but children also. Witnessing the violence between their parents, children are vulnerable to mental harm. Many girls are too much affected by their parents’ family violence. They do not trust men and are afraid that their husbands are just like their fathers. To the boys, much research shows that they are more aggressive and likely to become perpetrators of family violence when they are adults. 

How to stop the domestic abuse is a big concern. However, it is not impossible. Increasing people’s awareness can change their attitude as well as behavior. Therefore, we should raise the awareness of men, women, and community to fight against family violence through the Gender Equality Law, Law against Domestic Abuse, and Human Rights. Moreover, if women still keep silent and accept their fates, it is hard to reduce domestic violence. For that reason, along with improving knowledge of laws and rights for women, we need to equip them with skills to prevent domestic abuse and safeguard themselves. Encouraging them to tell the truth and fight for their rights are very important and essential actions.

Overall, the most important element to build a happy family is love. It is not a bond of marriage certification or anything else. Let’s hope that everyone can find your true love and solve your disagreement with words rather than violence.

Wish you a cheerful life!

Minh Nguyen_9D

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