Women represent the beauty of the world. One day if we did not have that beauty, we would lose half of the world. That is a simple thing we have known for years, but have you ever done something to prevent the beauty from declining?

            Life continues easily because of women. They make meals, iron clothes, raise babies, give men the love, show men how careful they are... The world looses burdens because of treasuring things they do. The world is more beautiful because of the love they give.

            It is important to mention more about how women make the world more wonderful, it is crystal clear when you see it in many million articles, essays, movies, songs…

            Sometimes men heartlessly do not realize that women also need something called love from men. That is their own prerogative that men could not be like that. The need for love is something very secretly women always try to conceal deep inside, but actually it is the only wish women long for. Men often do not know what women want from them, because the love is enshrouded in many million material things women often ask men to do every time they touch.

Women were born to make men happy. It is certain. But have men ever thought that they were born to give women happiness? It is also certain, but men sometimes forget it. Women devote to give men everything, so it is valuable if men do something to reply women’s devotion. What is the thing women want from men? We already know that is the love. We must know that no matter what they want from us, houses or rings, the deepest desirable thing is the love.

Women deserve to be loved by many warm hearts come from real men. All women want is about the love from the bottom of their hearts. This is a simple thing we can easily see because women always keep their hope the same through many thousand years. So men do not need to give women shiny cars or gorgeous jewelry, just have your heart show how much you care about the women of your life and you will receive all of the love from the beauty.

Minh Thuan _ 9NH

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