Thank you, mother!
For you gave me breath, heart, survival…
I have a chance to look at the sunrise and the stars at night
I have my friends, my happiness…

And the other nice things…

You taught me how to love people like you love me

You’re a friend and a teacher

You taught me how to love the times in my life

You care about me more than yourself

You open your arms to protect me even though sometimes I hurt you

You still love as an instinct

You’re a special person that I want to share my happiness, dreams, hopes and worries

Thank you for always listening and comforting me

Thank you for your trust and willingness to forgive

Thank you for everything – whatever you do, it comes from your love

I want you to know that because of you, life has more meaning

I want you to know I always want to be a child so that you’ll never leave me alone.

I want you to know that you’re my priceless gift

And I want your happiness as much as I want my own.

Ngoc Tuyen_9NH

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