When I was a little child, maybe at the age of 12, my mother taught me a very significant and valuable lesson I have never forgotten in my life. Every time I have a chance to write something about my mom, it is the time I feel happiest and most honored because she is the greatest woman in my heart.

One day in the late afternoon, my mother and I were grocery shopping in a small department store to buy something for the family. At that time, I saw a woman with her two children – a baby probably 3 months in her hand and a daughter about 5 years old – coming into the store. At first glance, I found that they might not have a prosperous and fortunate life like other families. Their worn clothes and the anxiety on the faces made me realize there was something miserable about their unlucky life. They pushed a cart around the store, considered and chose goods carefully. I noticed that most of the items were very normal, typical and indispensable for a family with a little baby.

My mom and I completed shopping and pushed the cart to the office clerk to pay. When we came there, that family did, too. They were waiting for the counter together with many other customers. While the clerk was doing her work, I heard that the woman ask her many times how much the total amount of money she would have to pay for each item. Her requirement took time and surely made other clients waiting uncomfortable, impatient and even annoyed. Then, when the department clerk did the final total, that woman did not have enough money although she tried the best to find all pockets. She was so worried as well as confused that she had to decide to leave some food items. Even she was full of hesitation and sadness when putting back a white shirt, which may be her daughter‘s first school uniform for kindergarten.

At the time, immediately, without hesitation, my mother came close to her and put in her hand a one hundred thousand VND bill. The woman looked astonished and it was obvious that she refused – “I can’t receive it!” she said. My mom looked her deep in the eyes, smiled gently and talked to her with a sincere voice. “No problem! It doesn’t matter at all. Consider it as a gift for your baby, Miss…I see that all of the goods are essential for your family. Therefore, don’t be shy, please accept it, it is from my heart. I am honest!”

Without any more words, the woman took the money and paid for the bill. Then, she held my mom’s hand tight, for a few seconds, she kept silent. She was almost moved to tears in a voice choked with emotion to say, “Thank you very much for your care. You are so nice and kind. I have never been given a very meaningful gift like this before. Really thank you!”

I left the store with tears in my eyes and a special feeling was flowing in my heart. I know that I will cherish it forever. My family is not a rich one and, honestly, my mom doesn’t have a whole lot of money herself. However, I am very happy and proud of my mom. Being her daughter is the most wonderful present that God especially offers me. “My dear sweet mother is truly an example of a good, kind-hearted person. It is the way it was and still should be!” Now I am very busy with my studies as well as my work, I cannot return home more often to visit my family like before, so I miss her so much and recognize that my family means everything to me. Thanks to mom, I understand that living is sharing and it is The Gift from The Heart. I believe that there is nothing better than it in the whole universe.

Thu Nguyen_9D

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