In their life, each person has to encounter many challenges. They have realized challenges in different ways. Some people are brave enough to act counter to those challenges. Other people give up or or surrender . So no one is wrong.

Life taught me to know that: “We’re not perfect people”. Challenges or problems help me better myself. When facing challenges, you have opportunities to grow up and become a wonderful person. Challenges  may be considered the pathways of success because you overcome your fears. Consequently, we might  learn an unforgettable and valuable  lesson.

In fact, we beat many  challenges  when we were  children. For example, we practiced standing up  and we  fell, so we could stand up again successfully.

We practice  cycling  when we  fell off, we cried, but tomorrow we would still continue…

Challenges are good things if we think of them as optimal factors. We may find them interesting because new things are waiting for us. As you just have opened the doors of your life, the street named “Life threshold” with numerous  obstacles. Therefore,  you must be stronger and brave enough to go over them. Life is like a street with many turns which we ought to take even though we are not ready for them?

After each turn of the road, we could find roses and rainbows. You  can also  the next challenges are await you. Sometimes,  you are not clear about  what is ahead of you?

Realizing that there are various laws of the universe, of course, you need to believe in yourself and your ability as well. You are able to things fruitfully. When you change your way of thinking, everything in your life also change accordingly. Why we do not choose the way of thinking  which makes yourself  happy in life.

Turning your negative thinking into a positive one. “View failures as challenges and challenges are opportunities”. It’s necessary for you to face to your challenges. I ascertain that there aren’t any problems which don’t have any solutions. At the moment, you are struggling with challenges, you may find life more meaningful and deserved to live. You’ll check in your life by passing challenges, I believe in you. Keep on struggling and moving!!!

Ngoc Tuyen_9NH

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