Human beings are considered the most sentimental creatures in the world. Hundreds of touching stories about affection and gratitude of human can move the callous souls. However, not only humans but also wild animals which are considered emotionless, have the noble gestures and actions.

The real story is about a lion named Christian. In 1969, Anthony and John Rendall, two Australians, were living in London. One day, they found a 35-kilogram baby lion in a cage of a grocery store. They decided to raise him and named him Christian. Only one year later, he weighed 185 kilos. Christian was too big for them to be raised in town and they decided to return him to nature. It was believed that Kenya, Africa was the ideal environment for Christian. Although living in London, two Australians occasionally went to Kenya to visit their beloved friend – Christian – from afar. In 1974, they were told that Christian became the leader of a pack of lions, and had disappeared for three months. Quickly, Anthony and John decided to come to Africa with a hope to meet him for the last time. However, they were also warned that to be the leader of a pack of lions, Christian could be very aggressive and dangerous. Worse, he might not recognize them.

Contrary to what people were afraid of, the touching meeting of Christian and the two old friends shook the hearts of millions people all over the world. Strangely enough, the night before the flight landed, Christian suddenly appeared and waited outside the barracks of the naturalists. It seemed like he was looking forward to meeting the two old friends for the last time. When seeing Anthony and John, Christian ran hurriedly to their embrace as if they wanted to say that he missed them so much and had never forgotten them. He bound for joy meeting them, using his forelegs to hug them, and wedged into them like a child. The intimate hugs had erased the boundary of an animal and humans. In addition, Christian introduced the two friends his wife. In that moment, there were not only the laughs but also the tears of joy. It was also the last time that people saw him. The moving meeting was recorded and uploaded to YouTube and attracted thousands of views.

From the ancient time, humans had been threatened by the aggressive nature of the wild animals. Although we trained them and became friends, we have never stopped warning about their wild nature. However, the story about Christian taught me a valuable lesson. Animals have their own emotions. Just give them our hearts and they will feel like the way we feel.

Minh Nguyen_9D

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