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Have you ever dreamed about a huge pile of money when rolling the dice in gambling?
Do you want to be Master of Gambling like Chow Yun-fat? Would you wish you could have the fame and everlasting applauses when the victory has come like he did in the movies?

Although it seems so crazy, but I am sure that you have thought of it once in a lifetime.

“How could I play cards?” Have you ever asked yourself about it? It means you use something you own to play them. Hold on… Something inside you…Could you imagine exactly which things you use when playing cards? If you are not an extraordinary, talented enough person to get all the victory in your life, or you were born in the ways of holding cards, folding or telling the dealer, “Hit me.” Let’s take a glance my title. This is what I want to say. Luck and intuition in the cards…

One of the reasons why you gamble is to try your luck. Fortunately, you are the winner, you can get money and be a rich one in just one night. It may be the easiest and shortest way to reach the peak of wealth. If you want to know how lucky you are, just try some kinds of gambling. Here I show you some situations. Firstly, to know how big money in this world is, you can easily imagine the slot machines in many casinos in Las Vegas, or in James Bond’s movies such as Casino Royale,… Secondly, the Roulette round with 36 numbers could let you wish and hope for some seriously thrilling seconds before it heads to the number you chose. You can find out how difficult to get money in that situations, but if you get lucky, you will be able to see the life in the eyes of a millionaire.

Lady Gaga sang in her song named Poker Face: “Luck and intuition play the cards with Spade to start”. She has her own playing way. How about you? Do you use your intuition in playing cards like her? Actually, you must use your intuition when dealing with this. You must let it head you to the right way, thinking which cards folded first, which ones were on the table. Furthermore, observing and analyzing competitor’s psychology are also important. The final thing is combining the two things above, you conceal the fear of losing and happiness of winning deep inside your heart, after that coming out with a poker face. If you show your fear, you will lose, and happiness will also lead to the same result.

Things I told you are not meant to encourage you find magic. The magic of colorful cards is so hard to recognize. Luck and intuition can sometimes be right in some cases. Gambling is half winning, half losing. If you pursue your dream of gambling, you will be a dreamer. A dreamer can only live on his own dreams and it is so far to get back the real life. Gambling is just an unimportant part of your life, so do not let it cover yourself and make you forget treasured things that always stayed in life and found out easily without luck and intuition.

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