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Chess and gambling are different things. First, chess is an intelligent game and was celebrated to compete along with sports, such as Chinese chess, chess, and dominoes… Eventually, they came with “win” and “lose” money games, so people now call them gambles. Gambling games are just money games. The society is developing, gambling has also varied in forms.

Chess games help people relax after working and they are really interested if people play chess together, such as your family and friends… All is just for fun, but it is not funny at all if people are bent on winning at any costs together. People can sell their houses, home furniture, steal things or even kill other people to get money to continue gambling. Gambling makes people feel exhausted because they do not sleep, eat less, they spent all night to play passionately or they get angry with everybody if they lose money, they will try to find more and more money to get back to the casino to play. People who play gamble are really greedy, they want to win as much money as they can, but at last they just get bad endings. In Vietnam, gambling games are cards, the last two numbers ot the first prize, cock-fighting, doing the football pools,… Especially at Tet holiday, people spend more time to gamble instead of stay with their family. Gambling make people become criminals, rude men, thieves, even murderers,… There are many persons are sentenced in prison because of playing gamble; they have wife, husband, children and their family. Why don’t they think it again? What will their relative do when they are in prison?

Just imagine that we are addicted in gambling, we are very happy when we win and of course we will be upset, angry when we lose, but that is life. And if there no more money in pocket, what do we do to get money? Borrow from friends, beg from family, steal or we will find a job to earn money? I think we will not get money by doing a job, because we are so lazy. Because of the laziness, we gamble, because of greed we gamble and we have nothing to do so we kill time by gambling, maybe? There are many reasons lead people to gambling, and it is hard to get back when we are in casino, isn’t it?

Today, there are many relaxing things to do besides gambling which are very helpful and healthy, like exercises, camping, hiking, public activities, music, books,… Why don’t we choose one way to refresh ourselves? It is not only good for us but it helps strengthen the relationship between person and person as well. Just think and make a wise choice in your life!

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