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It was a certain day three years ago. At the end of the winter afternoon, it was cold and the darkness was going to cover the whole scene. Sitting on the bench in the park, I, a high school student, was contemplating what I had done. I remember that I was in unpleasant emotion on that day for the test ‘s bad mark.

It became darker and colder. Most people were in hurry to return home and enjoy a warm dinner with their family. But I still sat there, feeling lonely, disappointed and bored with my work. Suddenly, I started at the sound of a sneeze and glanced up quickly to see who had the noise. There was an emaciated old beggar man, sitting at the corner of the street and trying to get few coins to finish a miserable day.

 Nothing to do, I began paying little attention to him. The darker it was, the colder it got. The man looked hungry and cold; however, he still sat there and held a ragged hat for certain.  It seemed that almost people had known clearly about him, so what he got was just the ignorance and compassionate attitude. Feeling sorry and pity for him, I came closer, put into the hat one thousand and turned away after his thank. But a question made me be back “Have you ever seen these people in this photo?”, the man showed it to me and asked. The image consisted of four members. It was so old and fading that I can’t recognize who they are. “ No, I haven’t.”, I answered. The disappointment was deep into his eyes. Without hesitation, I sat next to him and asked: “It is late, why don’t you return home? Are people in the photo your family? Are you looking for him?”. 

 The man breathed a sigh and gently told me an unhappy story about his life. He said that he used to have a great family with his wife and two children. It looked like the ideal life, carefree, worry – free and responsibility – free. But “ how foolish and wrong I am when I miss this good life!”, he expressed. He said to me “ Just several times to be induced in gambling, I lost it all. At first, I played it for fun and relaxation as well. Surprisingly, I completely win most of the time. The more I gamble, the more I succeed. Soon, I had gotten an enormous amount of money. Therefore, step by step, I come to bigger and bigger gambling and become addicted to it. It is so bad that I can’t stand without gambling in a day. I try my best to quit gambling but no way, I can’t do it despite given a lot of advice. Time by time, I change myself. I have violent family with the wife and children and cast them out of the house when losing at gambling. Someday, being full of hope, I decide to spend the whole possession, home, money and car for the final gambling in order to obtain what I have been lost. But I fail! As a result, I have nothing, no home, no money, no family, no friends and have to deal with heavy gambling debts. Disappointed, I take part in other social evils”. For a few seconds, the man kept silent. He was almost moved to tears in a voice choked with emotion to say “I really regret what I have done.  However, it is too late for me to turn back  and say my apology. I am being punished as well as paid the penalty for my faults though I am filled with remorse, little girl”.

 The poor man looked at me and said to me with voice sounding so sincere, “I wish I could meet my family before I would not be in this life”. At that time, I just knew I had to do something for him. I quickly asked him for his photo and promised to make it become a new one. Nevertheless, he refused, thanked me for my suggestion as well as gave him a few precious moments. Then, he left silently and his shadow gradually disappeared in the dark. I still stood and thought of his life. I wondered “Does gambling have the supernatural strength? How many happy families were broken for it? What can we do to prevent people from gambling as well as other social evils?”

 Dear friends, we are young enough to aware of the gambling‘s bad effects in order that we can avoid them. The sad story of the poor man is an example for people addicted to gambling. We need to define what is right, what is wrong and what  we should do so as not to regret later. As for me, that little old man walked into my life at a time I was feeling uncertain and dissatisfied with my work. He made me realize where I needed to be and what purpose my life really held. His story meant more to me than I could ever express. I knew that, sometimes, “God brings one man into our lives for a reason”. I don’t even know his name, time after time, I forgot about that day’s episode but I will never forget the small – built man, who taught me a profound lesson of being. Somewhere, I pray for him and hope that he can meet his family as expected!

Thu Nguyen_9D

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