It is not always what it seems to be…
I have an interesting story that I want to share with you. I had been told this story on a “black” day of my life, when I felt like losing everything. This story lifted my spirit and transmitted hope for a brighter day.
It is the story of a bizarre old man and two different families…

  At a stormy night, an old miserable man walked through the field to a small ragged cottage at the end of the village. He trembled with cold and tried to call the host for help. When hearing the call, the host brought the old man to his cottage in a hurry. The two people in that family took care of the old man with sincere attitudes. They gave him warm clothes, and a meal with everything they had. After the meal, the host conceded the only bed to the old man. The old man was really happy and grateful for the kindness of that family.

The storm passed severely, yet in the next morning, the sun came up with bright and warm sunbeams. However, it was not a happy day for that poor family. The wail of the hostess woke the old man up. He hurriedly walked to the ground where the hostess was throwing herself on beside a dead ox. That ox was the most valuable property of them. Obviously, their life would then get worse because they could not plough without the ox. The old man condoled with that family and left of the host and hostess.

The ragged cottage of that kind family became smaller and smaller when the old man walked to the neighboring village. No sooner had he arrived at the richest house of the village than the night fell down. He knocked at the door twice but there was no answer. At the third time, the host opened the door with an unwelcome look and drove him away. The old man begged the host for a plain meal and a bed for the night. Finally, the host gave him a few remnants of food and a straw bed in a cold warehouse. In the next day, the host was really surprised at the new wall of the warehouse. The old man fixed the entire hole on the warehouse’s wall and helped the host repair the roof too. The host was really pleased and found the old man to ask for another work. But the old man left that house in the early morning without saying goodbye. The story ended with the old man’s disappearance in a white fog.

That old man turned out to be a Genie.

It was so unfair to the poor family, wasn’t it? They were good people and treated the Genie very kindly. In contrast, the rich family drove him away and treated him very badly. The Genie gave the rich family a favor that was fixing the wall and the roof of the warehouse, yet he let the ox of the poor family dead. How could a Genie act so weirdly? And you may wonder why the story ended in that nonsense way? J

In fact, at that stormy night, the Death came to the poor family and intended to take the host away. Fortunately, thanks to the Genie, the Death was cheated and accepted an exchange of a life for a life. The ox was dead for the host, instead. And we all realize if we are still alive then we can create any property in a lifetime.

For the rich but mean family, the Genie found out a treasure inside the wall of the warehouse in that night. That was a golden wall form their ancestors and the Genie fixed it in order to hide the treasure away. It was just because they were not good enough to inherit what their ancestors intended to give them.

Life does not always happen in the right way we want. (And sometimes the way we want is not always the good way, who knows?) However, not many of us can find out the good side of a bad situation. Not many of us realize that we should try harder when receiving a favor. Just like that, I did drown in sadness and feel hopeless when life was not like what I expected. Somehow, this story taught me a new way to see this life. Nothing is too bad to defeat my spirit.

Keep moving forward because life does not wait for anyone.

Hope that all of us can see this life optimistically and live happily!

We will get what we deserve.

         And it is not always what it seems to be…

Minh Nguyên 9D

  • leo

    It is not always what it seems to be…and If you smile with the life, it'll smiles with you.

  • Nta Hapfun

    Hi MN,
    What called " Lucky"???? I do not really know any more because it is sometimes you get something great without expectation -that means you think you are lucky, or the other side; you do something well-done and thinking it is sure to be successful but not -Namely, it is " unlucky". In my way, "Lucky will reach those who never know", so if human know how to give someone or something in kind -What God setting for a purpose!!! hahah. In general, the story is cool,I, that, will tell it to someone likes "Luck or not"- Thank you!!!