Hi! My name is Lucy and he usually calls me Lu! Oh, don’t you think that I am a dog? No, absolutely not! The situation here is that I am a digital camera and “he” is my boss. Actually, “best friends” are the most suitable name to describe our relationship. Let me tell you a small secret about him. He is now a sophomore of An Giang University and he is a big fan of the English Speaking Club.

It brings me back to my time in high school when he was just a real nerd. He rarely went out, played sports or joined any outdoor activities. He spent all his time studying and reading because he was trying to pass the entrance exam to university. Honestly, it was a terrible time. I just lay down in a secure but boring corner of his desk. I felt like I was good for nothing and you know, it was so depressing.

Fortunately, a new horizon has opened to me since he passed the entrance exam to university. He recognized that life has other wonderful things to explore and enjoy other than homework and books. He became more active, enthusiastic, and dynamic. He started studying in groups, playing sports, hanging out with friends, and joining clubs. Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, he came to the English Speaking Club and loved it right from the moment he walked through the door. He finds the ESC a wholesome playground for students to practice speaking English, make new friends and relax over the weekend.

Apart from attending the ESC, he tried writing some articles and joining the Discussion Guide Group. I still remembered that his first article was not published. (It was not a good memory at all!) In addition, he could not encourage the others to speak English as a discussion guide. However, he did not give up and tried harder and harder. As a result, he became an active member with many contributions for the ESC. I always accompany him to every ESC to snap shots of the unforgettable moments there. I love it! It is so great when I capture the funny skits, the exciting games, the romantic songs, and the beautiful dances. The ESC is just great for a “special member” like me! (And I know that the other human members love me as well! Or they love to pose as models before me!)

A few weeks ago, the ESC went on a tour to Ba Chuc Township. Wow, the ESC held such a terrific event away from our home at AGU. (I couldn’t sleep that night before the trip, which made my eyes red!) After traveling a long way to get there, we had a great time with the teachers and students at Ba Chuc High School. They were very friendly and hospitable. I loved to capture the exciting faces in the Limbo Game – the players had to tilt backward to go through the rope which was gradually lowered. Although this was the first time of playing, the students were very enthusiastic to join and tried to be the winners. Moreover, I was impressed by their English speaking skills. They did not hesitate to speak English and discussed ebulliently. My “boss” told his friend, “I love to talk to the students here. They are not obsessed by the thought of correct grammar and they do not fear for speaking out their thinking. It makes them excellent language learners”. He was beside himself with joy. And so was I!

For the “Flower Kingdom” skit, the crowd cheered loudly as the actors and actresses appeared. We worried that the students could not understand the content of the skit. However, their laughing blew away that thought and we had a successful performance. Furthermore, thanks to the resounding cheer of the audiences, the dance had strong and lissome moves that stole the audience’s hearts. Besides, the sweet melody of the songs filled our souls with love and passion. Everything went well and the show ended with the interesting Bamboo Dances. As I told you, the students there were eager to join the game and showed us skillful moves.

Phew! Did I mention that I was working extremely hard? What an exciting day!

In only two years of accompanying the ESC on its adventures, my “boss” has learned many valuable things. He tastes victory from failure. He is trained to be patient to reach the target. He learns how to work well as a group with the other peers. He experiences things that he cannot find in books. (I can tell that is for sure! I am lively evidence!) Thank you, the English Speaking Club! You show him the right way to learn and grow. Although the ESC still has limitations, I believe that you will go far and will always be a real wholesome playground for students to come and learn.

I hope that the ESC will receive more and more cooperation and support from all of the members and the school board to make the ESC a stronger and more useful organization. (And that is when and where I glow!)

Minh Nguyen _ 9D

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