Although I have been studying at An Giang University for three years, ESC has been my first and only club I have ever enrolled in. It is not because ESC is the only one club in my school. It is just because I like English.

            When I had all of the newness of a freshman, I knew ESC through the lively club meetings. At that time, actually, I wished I would be confident on the stage like many juniors and seniors. They could sing, dance, act, and talk as they did in Vietnamese. I told myself in whisper: “Speaking English smoothly like Vietnamese is so interesting.” Those words were the reason I have encouraged myself to keep trying hard without quitting. And now I know I can do it all the time.

            Three years is neither long nor short, but it is enough to safe so many memories of the student life. And I could never forget how I looked when I stood on the stage in front of hundred people. I was kind of stuttering, shy… shy… shy… but it seemed to be an interesting situation. If you had never been like me, you could have tried it once.

I always want the best things for my club. As for me, anything on the earth has its own life. Life is either long or short. Depend on the life instinct, it is how to survive. I always hope that the ESC will stay forever for the next students’ generations.

Minh Thuận_ 9NH

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