My mother usually says: “Failure is the mother of success”. Until now, this sentence is still engraved in my mind clearly. Indeed, no one can do everything by themselves successfully unless they fail. Moreover, it plays an important role in my last school years.

I still remember that when I was fifteen-years-old, my father passed away from a serious disease. Perhaps, it was a big shock to a child who just grew up like me. Meanwhile, my family was so poor that my mother must work hard to pay for my father’s funeral as well as my studying expenses. Whenever seeing my mother, I only wanted to run to her immediately so that I could hug her in my arms and say “I love you”. However, I could not do that, I burst into tears after seeing her face. I tried to conceal my teardrops in the bottom of my heart. I hoped that I could come to any place quietly to pray for her difficulties.


Years later, my family’s sadness went. I became a student at Thanh An high school when I was eighteen-years-old. Like some other students, studying at university and becoming a good teacher was my dream. I wanted to have a good job to help my mother. One day in July, 2009, I could not carry out that dream although I tried my best. I lost my dream. When I heard this news, I was so sad and disappointed. I walked for long time like an insane person on the road.


The sun started setting. Suddenly, “What am I doing?” I said regrettably. I cried and shouted. However, I remembered my mother who was waiting for my return. I did not know whether she would rebuke me or not but I would return and say the truth. It was the best way that I could have done it. Having cleaned my tears, I decided to come back my house. The first thing that appeared in front of my eyes was a woman next to a food tray. I looked at her hesitantly. After thinking for a few minutes, I came in.


“Daughter, where did you go?” said my mother

Immediately, I rushed headlong into my mother’s embrace and said: “Mom, I failed”. She hugged me in her heart for a long time.

“Failure is the mother of success. Try your best next time, my sweetheart” said my mother

“Mom, why do not you rebuke me?” I asked my mother

“Because you are my good daughter” she replied

“I love you, mom” I said innocently.


Subsequently, with my mother’s advice and my efforts, I passed the university entrance exam. So far, I am a sophomore at An Giang University. This lesson still lives in my heart forever. Mom, I always remember your instruction when I go any place in the world.

Kim Tuyết_11AV

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