The first meeting of the English Speaking Club for the 2011-2012 school year was, in a word, vibrant. The two-hour event was filled with music, games, activities, dances, and, of course, lots of English.

The hall was packed with people. The tables were full and students lined the walls; all were eager to practice their English skills after a summer away from school. New Freshmen were welcomed and had the chance to discuss the challenges and opportunities of university life with older students.  Seniors, nostalgic for their early university years, gladly offered advice to new students. All students had a chance to express their thoughts and feelings in English, improving their speaking and listening skills while making new friends.


Upon arriving at An Giang University, I was happy to hear that there was already an English Speaking Club in place, and was eager to be a part of it. However, I did not know what to expect from the club’s first event. When I entered the hall, lined with balloons and strings of lights, and filled with music and chatter, I was shocked to see the amount of students in attendance. The enthusiasm for English among AGU students is wildly impressive and incredibly exciting. The club, led by students and faculty advisors, hosted a remarkable event that provided all in attendance not only with entertainment but also with knowledge. The English Speaking Club provides students with the opportunity to meet other students with similar interests and gives them a venue in which they can practice English. These relationships extend beyond the scheduled meetings and lead to great friendships and learning partnerships. I am happy to be able to assist the English Speaking Club coordinators in their efforts and look forward to participating in future events. They will undoubtedly be full of fun activities and excitement!

Andrea Paguin_American volunteer teacher

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