Hi folks! I guess that we have heard many horror legends of Halloween night. It is supposed to be the night of ghosts, evils, and scary things. However, have you ever experienced a REAL Halloween? Have you ever felt your blood run cold? Have you ever frozen with fear? Have you ever tasted the feeling of being alone in a fallow house?

What are you waiting for? Let’s come to the English Speaking Club (ESC) on Sunday 30 October and we are eager to celebrate a special and unforgettable night for all of you!

 Let’s discover the Haunted House on your own, which is considered the scariest one of the ESC ever. Then enjoy the best horror movies, which are made by AGU’s students. Does it sound cool to you? Besides, many unique and fearful games only on Halloween festival will surprise you and burn up the atmosphere of the night. Furthermore, the dancing group will impress you with magic moves. And don’t forget to check out many beautiful melodies that you will be enchanted, we bet! Why don’t you check ESC as a date in your schedule right now?

 Let’s experience the most frightening night of your life.

 Welcome you all to the English Speaking Club, a wholesome playground where you relax, make friends, and have fun!

6.40 p.m. on October 30, 2011,  Hall A,

An Giang University

Minh Nguyen_9D

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