If someone asked me whether I believe in the existence of ghosts or not, I would say “yes” immediately. Perhaps, someone will not agree with my answer, but you should remember that our life always consists of being good and evil whether you believe in any religions or you belong to any places.

According to Catholicism, people are likely to become ghosts after their death when they commit these following sins. First, they have many unfulfilled desires and personality defects such as anger, fear and greed. Next, they have a lot of negative impressions in their mind. Besides, they have harmed others and have the basic nature of harming others. Finally, they lack spiritual practice consisting of progressive levels of surrendering of the mind and body and intellect, done with the intention of God’s realization. It means when you lived, you did not trust in your God, namely listening to and carrying out the Bible or not going to church and confessing. Therefore, these souls will become subtle bodies in Hell being ghosts. That is why we often call them ghosts in our life.

     Nowadays, Halloween is more and more familiar to everyone. According to the meaning of Halloween, on this day, souls often come back on this earth to visit their house and relatives. On the other hand, they wander about the streets to receive “soul cakes”. If we gave them, we had to pray for them. Therefore, we often disguise ourselves as a ghost so that they can borrow our body to mix with the people. Besides, if we think deeply, this is a meaningful festival because souls will not feel lonely when they come back the earth.

         On Halloween festival, although I have not seen any true ghosts, I still believe that they appear in our life with a subtle body, so we cannot recognize them by our naked eyes. Until now, I have not known what the true ghosts look like, but I can see them by  some artificial ghosts with every different appearance on Halloween day. To me, they are so fearful. I remember that when I was five-years-old, my grandmother took me to the Halloween festival in my village. Like other children, I wore a lovely mask made by my father. When I came in, a ghost without head and blood on its body appeared in front of my eyes.

       “ Ghost” I screamed and pressed my grandmother’s hand.

        “ Calm down, granddaughter!, it just was an artificial ghost” said my grandmother.

After thinking for some minutes, I regained my composure continued enjoying that festival. Up to now, that memory is still engraved in my mind like it just happened yesterday. Perhaps, that was the first time I had seen ghosts like that. Those are my ideas about the existence of ghosts. How about you? The answer depends on your thoughts.

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