Hi everyone! Do you know anything about Cohabitation? Are you for or against Cohabitation? If our society supported Cohabitation, would you want to try?

Coming to ESC this time with a HOT topic COHABITATION, you will experience an opening environment where you can freely speak out your thought. We will discuss this sensitive topic in many aspects, and do not hesitate to state your opinions.

 In addition, we will taste the night with many other amazing activities. Start the joyful night with the inspiring dancing – Street Dance. Moreover, you cannot miss the fascinating game for couple. It does not mean that you need to have a partner to play this game but you will have a chance to find a new partner! Wow, it sounds so exciting, huh? Come on, let’s check it out!

 Moreover, you cannot miss the ESC this time because of the funny and meaningful skit. We will see what ESC wants to transmit to all of us about Cohabitation. Two beautiful songs will be special gifts that we want to send all of you. Moreover, a comfortable “Conversing with Foreigners” will satisfy all the ones loving to speak English.

 And...! Well, I will not reveal all of the ESC’s secrets. Let come with us, discover by yourself and enjoy this weekend night! Just gather together, express our ideas, and have fun.


6.40 PM ON NOVEMBER 13, 2011 AT HALL A

Minh Nguyên_9D

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