Halloween has never been closer than this. It is time for you to open yourselves to many scary Hallo-activities. You can decorate sparkling pumpkins, make a giant horror party, play trick-or-treat, wear any costume you want to. But remember to pick up at least one scary movie to watch this time. Why? It is simple: Halloween. Scary movies make Halloween more exciting.

Now! Does anyone have any ideas about my title?

            It has come from a common question of Ghostface in the Scream series. He is a terrible stabber. He looks like just a normal person with a special Halloween costume: a face hidden by a white ghost mask, a black riding hood cover, accompanied by a sharp knife in his hand. It seems like nothing matters, except for two things: that knife is real and he is really a terrorist. With a “What’s your favorite scary movie?” from the start, he has sowed the fears in a small peaceful town with his serial insatiable stabbing murders.

            Oops!... Maybe I have been talking so much about Ghostface and neglecting the others. In American horror movies, you could have seen many fearful characters in wide screen from time to time. Ghostface is just one of them. I may not know exactly the numbers of horror people in movies, but there are a lot of demons that I will never forget. From the monster Frankenstein (Frankenstein) which I saw as a child, to Jason (Friday The 13th), Freddie (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and Michael Myers (Halloween) as an older one. I think they are almost good enough to make you frightened. You can easily recognize that one thing they have in common: they all have appeared in slasher movies.

            Slasher movies could make you feel as though you are out of blood because these usually focus on bloody-screaming murders. Could you bear it or would you become bored? Want to see less red liquid? Check ghost movies out! You do not see the red of blood but the white of ghosts. I know for sure you have seen it once in your lifetime. American ghost movies are stronger and scarier, but they usually are remake versions of Asian ones, maybe Asian movies make sense, maybe Americans are not afraid of ghost but lunatics (from slasher movies). There are many of this type to be released: The Ring, The Grudge, Shutter,… but they are mostly remakes.

            If you do not get emotional from those kinds of movies, or they almost make you scream out, you can find psychological thriller horror movies, such as: The Exorcist, Poltergeist, The Uninvited, The Unborn, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Dream House. Each movie consists of demons, spirits or psychological stuff. It can be separated or combined together. You can see less bloody killings, fewer deaths, or girls in white, but endless dreadful, haunted, hypnotizing and evil activities.

            Zombie movies are those which include vast spiritless walking corpses and some combatable survivors in a particular town. They meet, run and shoot for the purpose of staying alive. Scripts, scenes, and deaths in this kind of movie are not surprising for your expectations because they seem to run like any zombie movie does. But if you want to enjoy their risky and fortuitous journeys with the predictable ends, Shaun Of The Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, Zombieland, and 28 days/weeks later cannot be forsaken.

            Sometimes there are movies I could not classify, like my favorite ones: the Final Destination franchise. They are just general horror movies but very different from the other ones above. I have some monster movies, such as: snakes (Anaconda, Snakes On A Plane), sharks (Jaws, Into Deep Sea, Shark Night), alligators (Blood Surf, Primeval) aliens (Aliens, The Thing),… You can count on it.

            Halloween is a very remarkable moment to be with dark things. Ghosts, devils, pumpkins, candy, and scary costumes are waiting for you to reach out. But if you do not have any Hallo-party where you live, or a special costume to wear, you can watch a scary movie with your friends, family or on your own, like I always do in every single night on Star Movies now. That is what makes Halloween.

Minh Thuận_9NH

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