Halloween. What do you think about this word? If anybody is asked, they will respond in different ways. There are many people who think about children begging for candy or cake, entertainment in that night, or ghosts and devils. Do you know Halloween’s history and it's origin or some activities around the Halloween festival? Let's discover it together.

In the old days, the story tells us that: One day a devil destroyed a population area, unluckily alerted, people asked to help nuns take some saints to arrest it. As a result, the devil is arrested. Jack recognizes that it is the devil and often amused himself with him. Then he found ways to initiate for it to run away. To return Jack's favor, the devil promises not to send Jack's spirit to the underworld. Therefore, when he was killed by an accident, his spirit was refused by paradise. So he finds the underworld, but the devil doesn’t let him enter... because it had promised.

Formerly, Jack, who was a greedy and stingy man, didn't give anybody any alms. So when he died, he was not only allowed in paradise, but he also could not enter the underworld. Because when he alive, he used to play with devil. Therefore the devil didn't arrest him. This is the history about Halloween. It's interesting, right?

 As we know, Halloween, which is a day of a traditional festival, is annually held on October 31st. It originated from the Celt nation, which existed two thousand years ago in England, Ireland and Northern France. 

Halloween is a festival made for children, so in those days, first of all, children wore make-up with odd clothing. And then they knocked at the doors of houses and said "trick or treat". It means, "if you don’t want us to trick you, give us something". Of course, the host will give them something such as cake or candy.

Nowadays, more and more communities and organizations sponsor customs of making merry of the Halloween festival, so it became a festival welcoming teenagers and some youth.

When I took a small survey about meaning of the Halloween festival, many people knew only a little. I'll show two meanings of this festival: first, living without being greedy or stingy, and being full of humanity, tolerance and helping people with their difficulties. People had better not play tricks, because threatening makes others feel frightened and those actions sometimes cause harm. Avoid being friends with the "devil", which easily seduces and goes into dark, criminal actions. That means education. If we dig deeper than that, maybe we will find inspiration in this story. Try to ask the question: why in the light of modern science and technology do countries in Europe and America still spend a day of celebrating the underworld which represents Jack, who came back half naked. In those days, he could live comfortable because the living were made-up the same as the devil and Jack' spirit could live on because it was not alone. Here is the meaning of reproduction.

Although this is a festival of the West, in recent years Halloween has really become a festival of youth Vietnam. In AG, especially at AG University, for I well know, there is day festival for Halloween. This isn't very a romantic day, however, it'll be an extremely wonderful day for all students of AG University.

Yearly, English speaking club regularly holds this festival, not only for students with an English major but also all others.. Each class will have private preparations, such as creating ghost houses, writing ghost stories, funny stores or songs. To threaten a lot of passersby, students make up similar ghosts with horrible draw. Besides, in the ceiling, ghost or devil pictures doze in front of passers. It's terrifying, but students still jostle in this unique Halloween experience at AG University. Some older students before me shared their memories: they didn't sleep after attending but didn't regret because it is very exciting.

I only read news about it in the newspaper and heard from other students, and my heart is excited and eager. No matter how, I must participate. It is able to make me panic stricken, lose sleep, even cry, but I want to still join.

I think you should take part in it, too. It will help you relax after studying hard with special and unique games. Interesting things are waiting for you to discover them.

Bé Quyên_12TA

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