We must accept that we could not make it through all by ourselves in everything since the very first day we were born. I mean that everyone always needs someone or something to lean on. Like everybody needs parents to be home, friends to chat, a country to live, food to eat, water to drink, music to listen to,… We cannot create all of those things. That is why I said we need someone to lean on. It does not mean weakness… but personality.

The Thanksgiving Day tale happened a very long time ago. The very first foreigners landed on a new continent called America, they struggled against starvation and disorientation because of its different climate and savageness. The Native Americans saved them from those dangers. To show how grateful they were to them, these people made a treat. That was the way it started. Somebody told it differently, however; they made a treat to celebrate a fully agricultural season and to be thankful for God.

            To be grateful is a pretty gesture of mankind. From the thankful reason of agricultural seasons for God, people let it develop into other reasons nowadays, but it is still the same as it was meant to be. I mean we now are not only thankful for God’s sake but also for the ones whom we love so much in our lives. This is the time when people in an entire family get together to make meals with special dishes and talks about what is going on in their recent lives. It is a day that members in a family gather around but it is important. You will not be a child without coming home on Thanksgiving. Our appearance is important to our parents because they know their little kids still remember them. That is just who you are, back to where you are from.

Living in this world, sometimes, you may not run your life just like the way you want, or all doors will lock in front of you. You may think that you are at the end of the day. But it is not like that. Life is full of fantastic things. Once you see somebody beside you, you know how much they care. Thanksgiving Day is the true time for you to express how you feel with your beloved ones: your grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins, friends, colleagues or the special others. After having been through the rough times in my life, I have realized that I really cherish my kin so much. They are always around me in sweet and sour times and when I am up and down.

Christmas Day and Easter Day are the great holidays but they are just for particular religious people. Thanksgiving Day – the fourth Thursday of November – is really the big holiday for all people no matter what religion. Everybody is in a festive mood on this day. So do not be hesitant to be thankful for the people you must be thankful for in your life. You have to give to be received. That is the way this life runs. And when a person thanks you for what you have done, you will know you are not alone in the whole universe.

Thanks my dear father for giving me a wonderful life and sheltering me from oodles of danger.

Thanks my beloved mother for giving me meals, clothes and everlasting love in my whole life.

Thanks my sweet sister and amazing cousins for joining me with happiness in my entire family.

Thanks my precious friends for sharing joys and sorrows in every little awesome moment.

Thanks my beautiful Vietnam for making me realize that the world as I see is a remarkable place.

Minh Thuận_9NH

Minh Thuận_9NH

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