As I know, Thanksgiving Day is a festival held in North America and is considered the opportunity to express gratitude. The origin of Thanksgiving is to thank the Lord because the Lord has given good harvests to people. Currently, it is also held in the other countries.

This feast is organized on Thursday of the fourth week of November in U.S and Monday of the second week on October in Canada . It also called Columbus Day.

Gratitude is an act of the noble ethics of cultural humankind. “Thank you” is a necessary saying of a polite person. Throughout history, people have celebrated to return the kindness that the God_of land gave people. Nowadays, this custom is practiced all over the world and the oldest tribes always celebrate at least one time every year with a copious banquet to celebrate a good crop.

History recorded that the Vietnamese race was originally from Emperor Shen Nong. The king helped inhabitants to develop rice-growing technology (this was a method to solve the problems of society, like the exponentially increasing population at that time). On the new year, the king would host a sumptuous party, using the products which gathered from the crop, brought to alter and dedicated to the God. The king hoped that the country would be prosperous.

The tribes are living in America now, and they also have a traditional Thanksgiving Day to thank the Natural Creator. Every year, they celebrate four to six times with deer meat but not turkey meat.

In the medieval period in Europe, Traditional Thanksgiving Day to thank the Gods for harvest was very popular in many places with the partying, dancing and fireworks in fall.

In the U.K, Thanksgiving Day, formerly known as “Harvest Festival”, was celebrated throughout the country to celebrate and mark the end of the local harvest.

This custom was spread to America by the first immigrants in 1863 and Harvest Festival was renamed “Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day” and held at the end of harvest.

Thanksgiving Day was also known as “Turkey Day” when President Roosevelt signed it in law on November, 26th in 1941.

On Thanksgiving Day 2011, I would like to say “thank you…”:

“Thank you” to my country-Vietnam with two rainy-dry seasons and impoverished people. My homeland where I was born and grew up has a lot of wonderful memories of my childhood.

“Thank you” my friends who gave me happy-sad memories and those were priceless gifts that I could never have afforded.

Let’s make our life more beautiful and meaningful. Let’s pray and thank God because God has given us good things.

Finally, I wish you would have a fun Thanksgiving Day with your family.


Văn Tú_11AV

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