In our life, none can exist by themselves on this earth unless they have help. Indeed, Thanksgiving is a meaningful holiday to everyone because people often send their thankfulness to each other on this hallowed and noble day.

       Generally, Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. It is celebrated each year on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. It is an important day to them because their family can get together after many months that they do not meet. They often hold big or small parties at home with their family or their friends so that they can give their thanks to God who bestowed upon them a good harvest as well as peaceful life on their country. Certainly, oven roasted turkey and pumpkin pie are two kinds of dishes, which cannot lack on this day because their relatives escaped death thanks to these foods in the past. However, in Vietnam, Thanksgiving is not popular with everyone. Even in some places, they do not know what Thanksgiving is and when it will happen, so it becomes a normal day like the others. Nevertheless, Thanksgiving is a meaningful holiday to Christians because they can know about this day exactly if they go to church frequently. In this holiday, they often offer their thankfulness to God and pray for everyone. Moreover, like the United States and Canada, they also hold small parties with their family in order to commemorate their difficulties, which they got over together.

         To me, twenty years have elapsed rapidly since I was born. Being a child in my family, on Thanksgiving Day yearly, I also go to church to thank my God for giving me my life and pray for everyone to have luckiness in their life, especially my parents. They are people who I respect all my life. They brought me up to become a good person in this society. Now, I am living far away from my family, so their good return is more and more worthy in my mind. I miss them so much and I wish them would stay beside me right now. Sometimes, in my small boarding house, whenever I sit alone to study, I often think about my parents’ kindness.

          “How can I exist on this earth without my parents?” I wonder.

     I remember that my grandmother used to tell me about my family’s situation in the past, when my parents came to the south, with two empty hands, my family was so poor that my parents must work hard to raise and educate me into a person. However, thanks to God’s grace and other people’s help, my family broke out of poverty and became more prosperous. Especially with my studying, they helped me so much; they supported me both physically and spiritually so that I can be at rest to study well. Until now, although I must go to many places, they are still wonderful parents in the bottom of my heart.

       In my mind, whoever you are, you also have someone to thank because that is the rule of life. Like other people in my religion, on Thanksgiving Day yearly, I often go to church to express my gratitude to God and to pray for my family and other people. God is a person who I must thank with my whole life because he brought me into this word and helps me whenever I meet difficulties in my life. He created human being as well as other creatures and bestowed upon them life on the face of this earth. Sometimes, we should sit down and think about our life “Where are we from?” and “How do we come to this earth?”. They are waiting for your exact answers and it depends on your beliefs.

      Moreover, I also want to send my thankfulness to everyone who has as well as will help me in my life. They can be my friends, teachers or someone who lives around me. All of them are very important to me because of their help. To my friends, they indicated for me to know how a sincere friendship is and I learned so much from them. Especially my teachers who educated and guided me in both studying and life, I admired them so much. “How would you think it would be if our society lacked teachers?” Our country will be less developed and human beings will become illiterate. Therefore, we need to have experienced teachers to educate this generation effectively.

     Thank you Vietnam, a country that has given me a peaceful and happy life.

      Thank you to my parents who used to carry me in their womb and brought me up to become a good person.

       Thank you to my friends as well as relatives who helped and shared with me the difficulties, joy as well as sadness.

    Finally, I hope all of you will have a meaningful and happy Thanksgiving Day. I hope that everyone will help and share difficult problems in life together so that we will have a simple and light life on this earth. It is not only with money that we can do this, but also with hearts.  

Kim Tuyết_11AV

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