"There isn’t an ugly woman but there is only a woman who does not know how to make herself a beautiful woman".

Although you are citizens of this country, I must make sure everybody hears this declaration. It's easy to speak, understand and do. But in society now, people misuse it for meaning much different. Here is a problem that needs to be cared about.

Instead of using the methods from nature like natural products, women try to make themselves beautiful using cosmetic surgery.

            Now in life people only appreciate the outside forms. Most people often run after a thing called fashion and modern looks that forgot natural beauty and this is simple. This is a pity!

            Standards of beauty are established as the demands of women become higher. They don't hesitate to spend lots of money on beauty with the aim become more beautiful than they used to be. These methods include belly fat liposuction, bosom raise, and nose jobs. Look at life around us. People who use cosmetic surgery are not rare. So far, in Vietnamese show business, we can also see beauty is considered more important than talent. This causes more cosmetic surgery. In addition, the more society becomes modern, the higher people love beauty’s form. You only need to type the phrase "cosmetic surgery stars" on Google, and thousands of film actors and actresses, not only in Vietnam but also in other countries, still have cosmetic surgery including China, Korea, and other countries of Asia.

            For me, artificial beauty expresses itself in the habit of daily make-up. For normal people, guided by a make-up professional, an ugly duck can become a swan. This beauty turns out to be only artificial. Indeed, cosmetic surgery brings the beauty of which everyone dreams but the hidden cost in that is that it is very dangerous. Therefore, using make-up often isn't as beautiful as nature before. It will lose natural and everlasting beauty. Importantly, cosmetic surgery can only help women be beautiful for a short period.

            "Some beautiful women such as Binh Duong and Tham Thuy Hang" are vivid examples. They had a period famous for beauty which is a dream of every woman. But now, if you find some of her photographs from before, I assure you, you will be shocked and amazed. It's terrible.

            Nobody can stop you from making yourself more beautiful. But know which methods of beauty will still keep a person beautiful naturally. That is really pretty, is recognized and deservedly admired.

            My lesson is finished. I haven’t slept for two days; I was so excited to share my opinions about this topic because I really love this writing. I want to learn her experience. It will help me improve this skill

Bé Quyên_12TA

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