How do you define “Beauty”? How can we measure the level of “beauty” of someone? Do you think that you are beautiful? Are you satisfied with yourself?

We have our own definition of beauty, and of course, we have our own criteria to judge if someone is beautiful or not. We are endowed with natural beauty from our parents. Some of us may have a good-looking appearance and some do not. And some of us may be satisfied with their looks and some desire to change. However, how can we change our DNA? Thanks to the great development of science and the modern techniques, people can beautify themselves by cosmetics or even more effectively, by cosmetic surgery. However, the ones who choose cosmetic surgery as a solution to become beautiful usually receive strong objection or are undervalued. So, why do they still want to change to have a better appearance?

            Initially, they want to have self-satisfaction. Maybe their broad-noses or one-eyelid eyes make them feel bad about themselves. Whenever they look at themselves in the mirror, the only thing they focus on is the defect of their appearance. Someday, after a long sigh, they say, “I will fix it”. Then, they decide to have cosmetic surgery. With a new appearance that they consider as a better or perfect one, they walk on the street with all of confidence they have, look at the sky with a blue crystal clear color, and smile with pleasure during the way to work. All of their concerns are blown away, and they work effectively and live happily than ever. Some changes can turn their life into another a wonderful page.

            Besides, some people need to have another look because they are supposed to. It sounds so weird, doesn’t it? Most of these people are actors, models, and singers. However, who can force them to have cosmetic surgery? And the answer is the public. Generally, people in society do not highly appreciate artificial beauty. We love to see our idols with their natural looks. An evident truth is that we admire not only their talent but also their appearance. On the other hand, not all of them luckily have gorgeous looks. They are supposed to change and make their looks attractive to win audiences’ hearts. You may strongly object to my idea and value the quality of talent over looks. Nevertheless, to be honest, how many “Susan Boyles” are welcomed ebulliently in the world? How many fans do not care much about their idols appearance but their voice? How many people want to watch a movie with all the talented but not good-looking actors/ actresses? Alternatively, everything we need now includes a fine performance as well as a stunning appearance. They just try to meet the public needs.

            Having cosmetic surgery helps people secure their social position. Appearance of the politicians seems to connect directly with political future. So building a public image is what they always respect. Some politicians spend so much time and energy to care for their “face”. In addition to maintaining external image, they are also very concerned about how people think of them. They are supposed to be active, young, and animated. Most of the cases of cosmetic surgery of politicians are hair transplants, eyelid cutting, liposuction, and wrinkle and freckle erasing. In order to be youthful and energetic leaders, they need the help of “cutlery”. Leaders are the ones who keep the image of a country. We cannot deny the public interest to see their leaders more attractive, and dignified.

            Overall, there are still many more reasons why people want to have cosmetic surgery. Those that I mention above are just the most common ones. In addition, I do not mean to encourage or object to cosmetic surgery. Some people abuse cosmetic surgery because they obsess over their looks or maybe it is their hobby. Lots of people die on the operation table and there are lots of painful stories about the consequences of having cosmetic surgery. Nevertheless, I just hope that we will have the right view toward people having cosmetic surgery. Please do not preconceive them as “fake people” and deny all of their effort to integrate with others and become useful people in society. And do not consider having cosmetic surgery as the only way to reach the value of oneself. The first impression is important, but our quality is more striking.

Wish everyone have a bursting life of joy, no matter how you look!

Minh Nguyen – 9D

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