What makes a girl beautiful?
It is sort of complicated to gossip with you guys about “Beauty” because that word seems to be one of the hardest topics in the world. But now, it is even harder as we converse about “Natural & Artificial Beauty”. Which part do you support?

Mentioning “Natural” and “Artificial” in our topic means that you have to find the answer for the question I have just asked with those kinds we now discuss. I wonder whether natural or artificial qualities can make a beautiful girl. What do you think about that? Could a girl with pretty face, perfect hair, enchanting voice or gorgeous jewels be beautiful? You can find the answer easily. But… does she have it on her own or need some “special help”? And… which side do you prefer? I do not find the answers from the boys, all we are.

We all must accept that the world we live in always loves beauty, though it can be quite different from the varying continents in the globe we stand on. That sometimes makes us think about it in a very simple way: humans always love beauty. It is easy to infer: men always love beautiful women. The reason why hairdressers and fashion designers survive is to make a better, prettier woman. We would never mind too much if a girl just got some girly urges like spending her entire wage on modern clothes, becoming addicted to super-cool handbags, taking almost an hour to dress up for a hanging-out night or sitting a whole day for a new cute haircut, because that is the way she thinks she could be prettier, or at least boost her confidence. It is truly what makes her prettier. We never mind. But if she changes and develops some serious problems… how could it be? Instances like gaining encouragement from a skillful surgeon are the way the problem arises.

We do not blame it on girls. We have to have a responsibility somehow, too. Women all over the world only do it just because they want to be loved by Adam’s side. But you girls have understood everything always has its other side; you should think about it before stepping in the way that heads to potential consequences. And a veiled-for-so-long question I want to ask you:

Would you want to be anybody else?

            Let’s find the answer somewhere inside ourselves. Remember to find it instead of being disappointed about yourself. You think that having a true love of Ugly Betty is a dreamy thing. Think again! You can find miracles in real life. Fireworks always stay inside everybody and wait for one true time to ignite the light. I think you can see it on your own, as long as you express yourself. Unveiled - that is what makes you beautiful.

Minh Thuận_9NH

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