In the United States, there is a heightened interest in artificial beauty due to the popularity of cosmetic procedures in the celebrity world.

The constant barrage of films churned out by Hollywood that feature women with fake hair, fake teeth, fake lips, fake breasts, and fake tans have drastically changed the conception of what is considered beautiful. And it is women who are the most affected by this shift to artificial beauty. It is shameful that a woman feels the need to supplement her body with plastic filling in order to feel comfortable in her own skin. It is even more shameful that fellow women support her in doing so, while aspiring to achieve the same look. Somehow, women have stretched, injected, peeled and plumped their way into subservience once again. Women in the United States have reduced themselves to life-size dolls, eagerly undergoing wildly dangerous surgical procedures in order to live up to the expectations of the modern American male, who expects all women to look like Pamela Anderson or Angelina Jolie.  Americans have become so jaded by celebrity culture that “reality t.v. shows” have taken the place of reality and the conception of what is natural has been horribly warped.

By Andrea Paguin

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