Cohabitation? How do you know and think about it? Are there advantages and disadvantages to cohabiting? Let’s discuss this problem. Cohabitation means a couple lives together in the same house (or a rented room) before getting married. It is becoming more and more popular in Western countries, especially in student life.

Of course, there are some reasons for that decision. Firstly, cohabiting is a good way to save on many living expenses. For example, we can share money for daily food, daily necessities, costs of rented houses, and so on. Besides that, most of the students must live far away from their home, so they can’t avoid loneliness. At that time, they need a person with which they can share emotions, feelings, and experiences of life. One more reason, I think some couples want to test if they are compatible or not before getting married. In addition, they don’t want to be controlled by political, religious, matriarchal or patriarchal institutions.

            Besides advantages, however, there are some disadvantages. people say that cohabitation often has bad results. Is it right? Maybe it’s right. They can love each other so much in the first time, but after a period of time of living together, some couples realize they are incompatible about characters, life style, or something like that. As a result, they say goodbye. And the boys will not have any responsibility to the girls who they cohabit with as a real couple. That is a reason why cohabitation is not accepted by adults. One thing for sure, cohabitation is very hard to lead to get married. When their love ends, maybe. they also can’t hold their friendship any more. Before deciding to cohabit, think about it carefully, especially for girls. In my opinion, I do not condemn cohabitation, but i think it is not good for students. Remember that our future, our live is in our hands. Study and work well first, good students!

Mỹ Linh_12TA

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