Two men are describing the look of a lady in a party.
- Mr. A: “Ms. C is beautiful.”
- Mr. B: “Ms. C is ugly.”
Question: “Who tells the truth?”
Answer: “They both tell the truth.”

We talk about beauty all the time. Indeed, it is extremely important. Beauty can give us confidence and confidence can make success. In addition, beauty can create a close friend in social relations. We know these things clearly with lots of experience. Is there a definition or any standard for beauty? Many of us would like to brush ourselves off in the wrong consciousness of this term. In my point of view, beauty shows itself simply in what we like.

For example, I have paid a high price for a new T-shirt because I like it. To me, it is so beautiful with blue, my favorite color. If someone likes red or other colors, he or she will not pay attention to it. There is nothing ugly when we still believe it is beautiful. Not luxuriously, it can be you yourself a model or an idol in your eyes. Then, you are beautiful. Turning yourself into favorite, you have your own way of beauty. In the past, you were tired of changing yourself to be someone that you are not. I am strongly mentioning artificial beauty, including plastic and cosmetic surgeries. These obviously cost much and the final results are not always respected. Now, you just need to make other people love what you are, not what they want you to be.

It is believed that we are all different. In fact, we have our own beauty or at least a variety of beauty conceptions. Most of Asian people love to have white skin while Europeans would turn their while skin to tan. It is hard to say which one is more beautiful. For a conclusion, beauty is what we like. If so, we should try to learn how to like ourselves instead of looking for something uncertain. Absolutely, this is the easiest thing to be done. You yourself can see you on the mirror and the word to say is “beautiful”.

Đoàn Hồ Văn_9D

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