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How would you respond if someone asked whether we should cohabit or not? Perhaps, there are many ideas as well as answers about this problem from many people all over the world, but it is not the same the answer. Nowadays, although it is a hot problem in our society, no one can find the same way to solve it effectively.

According to some sociological researchers, in ten days, there were 13500 people taking part in the online test to answer the question “Should we cohabit?” Although they knew about the advantages as well as disadvantages of cohabitation before, 7600 people (56 percent) agreed with this matter. They proposed two following main reasons in order to explain to their option. First, they think that they should live together so that they can share joy as well as sadness with their lover everyday. Moreover, they can more understand character, habit and hobby of their lover clearly. Secondly, they do not want to be tied down by marriage and law. They can part with their lover whenever they like to. Because when they got married, it is difficult for them to divorce. They must assume the responsibility for their action and family.

      Nevertheless, 5900 people (36 percent) objected to cohabiters strongly. Apparently, they also proposed their reasons. First, being a student, we should invest our time in learning. We should not waste of time for needless love and problems in our life. In addition, when we cohabit, our friends and the others look us down. Next, “what will we think when parents know our cohabitation?” Probably, they are so sad, disappointed and shy in front of everyone. Finally, “Are you confident enough to assume the responsibility for consequences of cohabitation?” The answer depends on your thoughts. It affects our life seriously, so we must think carefully when you like to cohabit.

    Nowadays, cohabitation is more and more familiar to students. Perhaps, they live far away from their family, so they have free lives without following or their shallow thoughts. That is why cohabitation becomes popular with students. For instance, in my boarding house, there is a living- together couple who lives next to my room, they often occur to arguments violently. Joy is less than sadness. I was so lucky when I asked her some questions in her cohabitation.

              “Do you like your cohabiting?” I asked her

                “Cohabitation, I hate it!” she answered angrily

                “Why did you hate it?” I continued asking

               “Oh, because I could not stand his character, he is a hasty and jealous person. I could not live with a person like him. When I talked to any boys, it was the reason why we started occurring arguments. Especially, I missed many good friendships” she responded regrettably. Therefore, now, she parted with her boyfriend. That is not only a typical student for cohabitation, but also many students lived like that everyday. According to statistics, 70 percent students often come to hospitals to take care of and consult their health. However, the majority of students come here to have an abortion. What an awful action! Besides, there are many negative effects to cohabitation before marriage, but the most negative effect is higher risk of divorce. Cohabiters who do marry are more at risk for subsequent divorce than those who did not cohabit before marriage. In the United States, the risk of divorce is 50 percent higher for cohabiters than for non-cohabiters. It is not only happening in developed countries such as the United States, England but also developing countries such as Viet Nam, China and others.

     However, a group of researchers said that the cohabitation had many consequences, especially women; they must face all difficulties after cohabiting. Therefore, this problem will be gradually eliminated. In this time, even though teenagers still run after this way of life, they will give up it rapidly by various propagative forms and getting to understand the information so that they can draw the necessary and useful lessons from cohabitation. For example, a boy who lives in America said that cohabitation would be disappeared like hippy tendency at there. Namely in 70th decade, they lived freely, so their parents could not keep a close watch on their deeds. However, in 90th decade, many movements calling to teenagers for traditional living and they have already done that.

    In my opinion, I think we should find efficient solutions for this problem. First of all, we should educate our young people about the negative aspects of cohabitation in school. Moreover, we can propagate those negative aspects by banners and workshops to raise their awareness. Next, parents play an important role in their life. As the first and prime teacher of the faith, parents should instruct the children on this matter starting at an early age. Because when they become adults, they will be away from home at college or working in another city, so their parents are not able to help them solve difficult problems in their life. However, if they have the education of family, they will know how to protect themselves against complicated problems in life.

     Whether they like or not, I hope that, none of students will cohabit though they live just once. Besides, they can know the way to protect them from their life. I wish all of you good luck in life.

Kim Tuyết_ 11AV

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