Nowadays, with the rapid development of our social as well as economic system, many young people have different thinking ways from the older generation. They are very broad-minded and open-minded. When they are asked “what do you think about the cohabitation?” they answer very simple “it is very normal”. May be they are effected a lot by the Western people’s style. So, they think that this phenomenon has become a social trend and a common pattern among the youth’s life.

What is the cohabitation? It means an arrangement where by two people decide to live together on a long-term basis in an intimate relationship.

            The reason why do they want to live together as married life? They want to prove their worth, do not they? I do not think so.

            In my opinion, there are four reason make them do that. How about you?

            First of all, living far from home makes they sometimes feel lonely because of the lack of concern from their family. In addition, the youth nowadays has simple attitudes affected by the open-minded attitudes from the Western world which has normalized cohabitation and considered it just a pattern. May be do they think about that is too simple? So, it is easier to choose cohabitation as their expectation.

            The second reason is free relationship. They are free to make their own choices because they are adult. May be they think that they are mature enough to make their own decisions and especially they are not bound by their parents’ constraints any more.

            Thirdly, next the reason is that they can share living expenses. As you see, the economy is now so difficult for everyone, especially students and worker who live far from the hometown. Also, they may be under the influence from the board-minded life style, combined with curiosity of trying new feeling. So, it will appease their homesick. It is greatly to save money when they live together and share the household.

            And finally, they called the cohabitation is testing. They think that they should test their marital life before really getting married.

            You think it is right or not? And do you think it is the best way to test your lover before you decide to get married with your lover?

 Nowadays, when reporter’s interview all youth man one question is “would you like to get married with a person who had cohabited? You know, you know…. almost many young men answer with calm voice that” no, I would not”.

            Young lady…!!! Do you think we should change it nowadays in our thinking?

 I think each person has his own thinking, some think they can do anything they want to do as long as it is not concern to anyone else. But the fact is not simple as our thinking, there are many thing affect our life. Especially that is our good future. Because they are superficial knowledge at the moment, and now they must bear the consequences and bear full responsibility for their impulsive action. Some people will think this topic is suitable for students, because it is “a sensible topic”. And me, I do not think that is good for the youth who always want to learn new experiences from a multicolor life.

            We should think that we are only these little girls or boy, we can be caught in a snare any moment. So,

            “Be watchful over our own wrong thinking”

            The last word I hope that after my opinion, you will have the right choice for yourself and your relative.

            Good luck to all lovely friends in the world when you reading these words. I hope that you all live in happiness…!!!!   

Quynh Tran_11AV

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