In the modern society, we can see in our lives many things changed not only in the facilities but also in the spirits. In those changes, there is a thing that is still a controversy. It is cohabitation. In fact, there are many disputes about the positives and the negatives of cohabitation or other aspects.

Cohabitation is the state where people live together as a couple and share their lives before marriage. It means that they are not officially married. Some people say that cohabiting is essential to have a special relationship. However, it isn’t absolutely true in different ways because having special relationships is just an aspect of cohabitation. Besides, when a couple lives in the same house, they also share many things from rental costs to household chores.

There are three main reasons why people want to cohabit. Firstly, it is time for couples to get know their partners. They have chances to be closer in a house and time to talk and understand each other. It is also an occasion to challenge their love. After a long time living together, if they feel compatible with each other, they will go ahead for marriage. If not, they can stop their relationship. Secondly, it is said that they need to be aware of their responsibility for family’s life. They will know how responsible they have to be after they make a family. During cohabiting, the couple may be more mature and have right the view about the marriage life. As a result, they will have good preparation for their future. Thirdly, perhaps it is one of the most important reasons; is the economy. Living together brings the two people many benefits from the economy. They share the rent, the bills and others services, so they can save their money. Generally, these are the positives of cohabitation.

Beside the benefits, there will be also some opposite effects of cohabitation not only on health but also on spirit. In regard to the first negatives, because of cohabiting, many young people usually have special relationships, and they get pregnant. The fact that abortions have been done recently proves the bad side of cohabitation. Moreover, getting pregnant in a young age is so unhealthy that it would effect women badly (especially teenage girls) and make them unable to have another baby. Secondly, a person who used to have cohabitation may be haunted by the old partner and many things relating to this one. It may be the beautiful things or the terrible memories that cannot be forgotten. Therefore, he (or she) would be very hard to adapt a new life with another partner. Thirdly, cohabitation changes someone’s life very easily especially for students. It will affect strongly their studying results; even more seriously, they can fail in some exams or courses. Cohabitation can impact badly on many couples’ lives.

Nowadays, society develops higher, so the concepts about the issue have changed. However, there are still many prejudices that object to cohabitation. For example, in Asia, people really appreciate the marriage and family. Everything related to marriage has to be decided by the parents or the older generation and experiences many procedures such as the engagement ceremony and the wedding. Therefore, the Asian culture does not allow living together before the wedding. In addition, women are the ones who are influenced most by this concept. However, in the United States or some European countries, people are opening up to this issue. Many couples can have the freedom to come together and have independent lives. Certainly, they are responsible for their choices. In fact, there are still controversies about cohabitation.

Actually, cohabitation is a social phenomenon; and the number of people cohabiting seems to increase rapidly every year. Nevertheless, because of the curiosity and personality of youth, we cannot prevent people from cohabiting. The stricter we are, the more they want to have cohabitation. At that time, the result may be more serious. In stead of that, we can give them the basic knowledge related to this issue through Sex Education classes at school, not only in high school but also in secondary school. Therefore, family, school and society should be natural and open with cohabitation so that the youth can be active to ask for knowledge needed. It is better than that the teenagers who are afraid of some prejudices and look for the practical things.

To sum up, cohabitation has two contrary sides. To decide whether it is good or bad that is up to everyone’s personal opinion. However, if someone has intention to cohabit, he or she must be sure that he or she will have a safe life; or at least the couple will live happily with the right goal of cohabitation.

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