Along with the development of society, people become busier to keep pace with the rhythm of life. Somehow, their ways of life turns into a new tendency that is truly different from the past. Amongst these, the remarkable one is DINK -- Dual Income, No Kids.

This term appeared in 1980s to describe a high-income family without children. These couples decide to have no children for a comfortable and less burdensome life. However, this lifestyle should be considered in different aspects due to its positive as well as negative effects to the extent of family and society.

For DINK couples, they find out a childless family is an ideal one. Most of them live in big cities, have high knowledge, and stable jobs. Thus, they often make many big and long-term plans in their entire life that to have children may become a barrier. It is supposed that they are young, have many things to do in their bright future and many places to travel, not just be tied down to parents’ duties. They usually spend much time hanging out with friends, colleagues and other social relations. Therefore, they cannot find a balance between work and family if having children. To have children also means they have to be more responsible and spend much more time for family. Especially for women, when they are pregnant, they have to be on maternity leave at least four months. Possibly, they will lose many chances of promotion in their jobs and cannot attain a high position after that. Therefore, without children, they are more comfortable and have time to work effectively. It is a lever raising them to a higher level at work. Furthermore, many couples prefer a DINK lifestyle because they want everyday in their lifetime to be a honeymoon one. Their romantic moments cannot be destroyed by a child’s cry. They can fully enjoy their spare time with each other without worrying to take care of their children. Additionally, they do not need to spend money for their children, especially investing in education. As we know, to give children the best condition to study, it requires a lot of money as well as effort of parents. For that reason, they are more determined to live a DINK life. Briefly, many couples find out the DINK lifestyle is a good choice; thus, they do not care much for its negative sides.

On the other hand, we cannot deny bad aspects of a DINK family. With a dual income, DINK couples could live in an abundant circumstance, though they may sometimes feel bored and lonely in a big and cold house without children. Therefore, it seems not to be a real home since children are one of the main elements making a complete family. Moreover, when they get older, no one would take care of them with love as well as share with them joy and sadness in life. They may have a lot of money to pay for healthcare services but it is definitely not whole-hearted care from their beloved ones. Furthermore, these DINK couples are likely to break up easily. There is no bond between them to construct a family durably. Meanwhile, children are considered as a perfect bridge to connect their parents. Furthermore, to have children requires them to be more responsible as well as to learn how to take care of the other. It is believed that people will fully grow up when they become parents. Besides, DINK lifestyle opposes the traditional conception of a family. It is assumed that the basic role of a family is to maintain the race of society. What would happen if there were only DINK families in the world? Obviously, society will come to an end sooner than we can imagine. Another serious effect of the DINK lifestyle is that we will be in the risk of lacking labor in the future. In some big and developed countries, the DINK family is very popular and the government has to promulgate a policy to encourage their people to have children. There are many favors for the family having children in terms of receiving high allowance, paying lower taxes, and getting special discounts. In short, DINK lifestyle does not only affect certain people but the whole society.

Overall, people nowadays seem to be busier and swept by the roll of industrial life. It is one of many reasons why the DINK lifestyle becomes a widespread trend in many developed countries. This lifestyle brings both advantages and disadvantages to DINK couples as well as the society. It is said that every family is the cell of society; thus, a childless family is not a complete family and it is just like two mates living with each other. Thus, to build a prosperous society, a positive family with children is an ideal answer.

Minh Nguyen – 9D

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