This life is so great with all those things created by Gods. Outside the window, there are always many new things waiting for us to discover. I love the sea and sometimes I think that I am supposed to be a part of the ocean.

I had 6 days for a seaside tour with teachers and friends in the Department of Foreign Languages. My school holds trips for the juniors every year to widen their view of the world outside. In my opinion, this means so much to us, the people who are going to take their first step into the real world, especially for those who do not have propitious conditions to travel. In talking about the meaning of this tour, I will show you its stages. It wasn’t so funny but I could not hold back laughter because my classmates prepared for this big “short time” adventure very carefully. It seems that we beautifully executed the steps in books for tourists. For the preparation stage, we did many things such as shopping for necessary things, planning the schedule of activities, buying food and drinks, getting ready with different kinds of medicine in case we need it, and arranging nice clothes in for the tour Here, there was no differentiation between boys and girls; we all wanted to be perfect throughout the journey.

            On the day we started, Monday in the morning, the teachers had told us to be on time- around 2h30- and that really made a strong impact on everyone. We were there even earlier and you could probably find the dynamic enthusiasm of the youth on our faces at that moment. When the light of the car turned on, we felt that we might set foot on the sand of the Nha Trang beach very soon. However, that attitude quickly faded as we fell asleep in the car. It took us about fifteen hours to get to Nha Trang and we stopped a few times to have lunch and unwind every couple of hours. The sky got dark and it started to rain heavily. It wasn’t too clear but we could see a long beach from the right side of the car and we gave a big cheer for that event. Here we come!

            We stayed in Nha Trang University’s dorm. That was nice when we could meet people in this seaside city, especially the students there. Going on boat to some islands was the first activity we did in the tour. I could imagine how beautiful our country was through the real wonderful sceneries right before my eyes. You know, there was no word to describe completely that greatness. The brilliant sun made the islands freshly green with the trees and wild with the rocks and white sand. That was surely my favorite activity. We also visited the Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute and saw different kinds of fish under the sea. I was surprised with their colorful forms. Additionally, we took many pictures with the fish. The next day, we took a part in the studying and cultural exchange with the Foreign Languages Faculty’s students in Nha Trang University. They were cute and we both had good music performances. After the exchange, we also held a football game. That was cool with the cheer of the audience and the exertion of two teams. We spent the last day lying on the Long beach and had a sightseeing tour of Ponagar. This place was pretty old with ancient buildings and some statues that I did not understand much. In some words, Nha Trang was great and the tour drew many pictures in my mind that I will not forget.

            Being much tired due to long time in car, we still ended the tour with smiles. Through the time we had, we knew that we are more mature now. Thanks to all the teachers and the School Board for giving us this chance. That tour was great and this memory will be a part of my academic

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