The last weeks of summer are already upon us, and the new school year is right around the corner. I comfortably yell in my petite room “It’s school time again!” Indeed, maybe I am little sad because the summer is over.

I had a very meaningful and memorable holiday at Nha Trang with my classmates as a field trip for English-major juniors; and the trip seems just to be celebrated yesterday in my mind. Anyway, I am ready, eager and excited to begin my new school year now.  And in the early morning, the first day of a new school year, I go to class put together as usual, but the feeling in my heart today is hard to describe, which is different from previous years. I wonder, “Nguyen, maybe the reason why is because this is the final year at the university, isn’t it?” I look around, smile and go straight to the classroom. After the first class, being full of emotion, I sit down on the bench in the school yard, and evaluate what I have done during three last years as well as what I will try to achieve in the final year.

Remembering the days I set foot in university as if I had gone to the widening horizon in my future, a freshman, everything was completely new to me. I had to get acquainted with a new school, new teachers and friends, new studying and learning methods and a new life– the student’s independent life- in the new environment. Actually, I made a great effort to be familiar with these new things because they were not easy to take care of by myself. I wasn’t satisfied with my results of the first year in both learning and building relationships. Nevertheless, as time went by, I was more mature and made countless progressions in my study with the encouragement of the proverb “There is a will, there is a way.” Really, the university has changed me in a lot of positive ways. I have become more confident, active, and connected to new ideas and networks of people; I am no longer a passive “good student”.  The semester scholarships and rewards I received for what I have attempted are something that I can be proud of. In addition, the new friendships I have made at the university are something I really love and respect. Through this writing, I want to say “special thanks” to my close friends in particular and all of my classmates in general, who are always with me in trouble and happiness. Whatever happens, I expect that our friendship will be the strengthened forever!

As for me, it is necessary to spend a little time on reflecting and evaluating what I have completed, which has really been giving me an enormous motivation as well as a strong will to attempt and succeed more and more in the future. The final year is considered one of the most remarkable stages during the time at the university. I will be required to complete assignments and responsibilities with higher qualifications, the qualities of a capable senior. Therefore, making a true and great effort is important in order to meet my teachers’ requirements, because I see that success is a journey, not a destination. Especially, in the new school year, the teaching practice at high school as well as the final thesis will surely be real challenges that I have to overcome to succeed. Understanding many significant tasks waiting for me, I have been obliged to try and work hard from now on so that my future goals will be accomplished. As Jennifer Leigh Young said, “Success in life isn’t a given. It costs Attitude, Effort, Ambition and Acceptance.”

Dear new students, on the new school year festival, I am very happy to say, “Welcome all of you to An Giang University, your new home. Freshmen! Don’t be nervous or afraid of a new school! The university is not a place of sorrow. It is a broadening horizon that will be waiting for you to discover magic things and preparing you for your entrance into the real world.” All of you believe in my views, don’t you?  If not, try to experiment for yourself and you will know what university is all about! Good luck ^^


Thu Nguyen_9D

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