The journal I am going to write is a short one but meaningful and wonderful. It is about a tour to Nha Trang city for a few days with my teachers and classmates. As usual, the tour is scheduled and carried out for the English juniors by the Department of Foreign Languages’ teachers in the summer as the practical trip. Indeed, the trip is not only an occasion for students to relax but also a chance to widen the view as well as gain valuable knowledge.

Very early in the morning, about 2.30 am on Monday  August 13th, while  everyone was in deep sleep, my classmates and I,  participants in the trip to Nha Trang, gathered in the schoolyard to start the tour. My friends were very eager and so was I. Some days before the journey, I had prepared two big backpacks with necessary personal effects such as clothes, fast food, sun cream and so on, especially a notebook for writing a journal during the trip. At 3 am, we were ready in the car and talked together about the things which might happen on the journey. As for me, I felt safe and happy because I would be taken care of by my teachers during the tour. The car began to leave Long Xuyen city as if it had brought my eagerness to Nha Trang city. For a while, I felt sleepy and fell asleep because I hadn’t slept until being in the car. I had breakfast with beef noodle soup at a restaurant at 7 o’clock and my friends were excited to take some photos there. They seemed to be fine and animated to continue with the journey. Soon after, I arrived at Ho Chi Minh City at 8.30, which is so beautiful and gorgeous with many modern high buildings and magnificent hotels. Most of the people in the car woke up to enjoy the splendor of the city in the morning. For a while, I fell asleep again and the silence looked to be the King of the car at that time. I had lunch at a restaurant with unusual waiters who made me scared by their behavior. So, I wasn’t satisfied with the lunch. The journey still kept going after the rest time. Unfortunately, on the way to Nha Trang, the engine of the car had a problem and it took over 30 minutes to repair. Some of my friends took advantage of the time to take a few photos there in the windy air. Seeing the enthusiasm on many faces, I believed that they wanted to see the destination as soon as possible. I passed a lot of provinces such as Dong Nai, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan and Cam Ranh. In just 60 more kilometers, I came Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. The more heavily it rained, the darker it was outside. Inside the car, it was warm and comfortable. A yell was shouted, “NHA TRANG – VINPEARL – I saw you”. All of the people in the car woke up to see Nha Trang city. I was attracted by a lot of splendid hotels and restaurants as well as night markets. The city in the night is so wonderful. At last, I arrived at the dormitory of Nha Trang University at 8pm after a very long and exhausting trip. My room consisted of 7 students and we took turns to quickly take baths so that we could enjoy the dinner soon. That night, I had the chance to meet a student of Nha Trang University since we needed to prepare for the Musical and Cultural Exchanges held on Wednesday. Therefore, I had a Nha Trang friend. She is friendly and kind and her name is Hien. When I returned to my room, my roommates had been ready to sleep. Really, I was so fatigued that I had had a good sleep during that night. No matter what happened, I felt cheerful and happy for being at gorgeous Nha Trang city.

I got up early, at 5 o’clock, in order to move into another dormitory which is in Nha Trang College. We were excited to transfer to the new room which is nearer to the beach than the old one. But, we were shocked to see how terrible and in poor condition the new room was. It was unbelievable. My friends and I couldn’t bear the bad quality of the room and we had to change to another one which was much more expensive. Maybe the event was one of many memorable points in my trip. On Tuesday, I travelled to some islands by boat such as Mung Island, Soi Iland, Mot Island and Coral Island. Although it was a little expensive, two hundred thousand VND, I had an interesting trip by boat. Seeing the coral island and delighting in the enormous width of the massive blue beach are special feelings and hard to describe. As the proverb says, “The high sky and the wide sea are an immense blue”. At that time, I realized I really love the sea’s beauty more than ever. I stopped at Mot island to take a noontime break. I swam in the sea with my friends, played with the waves and collected sea-shells along the shore. I also had a short rest under large umbrellas near the water and talk to Miss Loan about my intention in the future. I was happy to get advice from her. I enjoyed gusts of fresh wind blowing from the sea while looking out at white waves and little fishing boats in the distance. The boys enthusiastically played ball on the sandy beach. I left there around 2h30 and visited The National Oceanographer Museum for over 1 hour. This was the first time I had seen the creatures belonging to the sea such as skate, sea calf, shark, a big octopus, old turtles and many other kinds of sea fish. Then, I visited the “Marine Resources Of The Spratly and Parcel Archipelagos”. I was delighted to take a few photos there with my friends and teachers on the trip. I was at the rented room at 4pm and hurriedly changed clothes to go on swimming in the water. My friends and I had extremely good time there. We played in the waves as well as other funny games. It was a cheerful day, wasn’t it!

In the following days, I worked like a bee with my friends to prepare for “the Musical and Cultural Exchanges” with Nha Trang University. I worked as a MC, an actor and a dancer. Though I had a lot of responsibilities, I loved this work for gaining valuable experiences. The Exchanges succeeded satisfactorily and strengthened the tie between Nha Trang University and An Giang Univesity. After the celebration, I took a deep sleep in the afternoon. At night, I took a tour around Nha Trang city about food and took a taxi to a seafood store to enjoy them. The seafood was so delicious that I could remember their taste until now. Visiting the night market to buy some souvenirs was really exciting and joyful. I also got up early in the morning so that I could enjoy the beautiful sight of the sun going up in the sea. The sunrise was such a wonderful scene that I had never seen before. The day I remembered the most was the final day. My friends and I went to Vinpearl Land. The whole sight seen from the Cable is a very ideal scene. The entire vision seemed to be in my eyes. In my heart, Vinpearl is considered as heaven. I had many strong feelings. We played games and visited The Water Kingdom and I saw the Mermaid there. The afternoon I spent in Vinperal was memorable. We ended the day there impressively and unforgettably by going to the  Water Park and the Musical Water show.

My trip to Nha Trang lasted for five days and was significant and helpful. I had an unforgettable time and made memories there with my friends.  During the trip, the day for the exchanges with Nha Trang University students was very meaningful and useful because it was the main goal for the trip. I had the occasion to work with students of Nha Trang Univeristy, enjoy their music and dancing performance and learn many appreciated things from them. In addition, the day I spent on Vinperland was the most blissful, satisfying and memorable day. I will never forget it in my life. I hope I will visit Nha Trang again someday soon.

Thu Nguyen_9D

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