Today is Valentine’s Day. People are exhilarated, excited and they are waiting for crimson roses or chocolate bars from their lover. Conversely, the people who have not had love or have left their lover will denounce this day. If not, they probably dislike it a little.

I love so much and get love from the others, too. However, I do not know the reason why I left my lover before Valentine’s Day. Therefore, I have never had a meaningful Valentine’s Day. Up to now, I have not remembered any memorable Valentine’s Day in my life. I used to hate the love awfully. I always supposed the love is a kind of expensive goods and it is not suitable for a poor person like me. I do not have enough spirit or money to buy it. Sometimes, I walk alone and wonder if my heart will be struck by a blind cupid on that day. I imagine this and make myself more comfortable. I do not think that someone will knock on the door of my heart and help me identify that Valentine’s Day is not as bad as I think.

I am not too handsome. I used to think about this, save it and conclude that I am really a pitiful person in the world. And now, I know that instead of the ugliest man on the earth, I am the best fool because of wasting my time with my crazy thoughts. People do not love me because I am good-looking and if they give up on me it is not because I am bad. It is so easy to understand that love is a important catalyst. If it we lack it, the chemical reaction will never happen. Because of mixing up together like this, we love, but our heart and two brains can be like a inert rock.

I do not idolize the love story of Romeo and Juliet  even though it is a love song of generations. As for me, this love contains bold ignorance like a typical love of children. I think the love means to love for the other, fight to get the person you love and does not mean you are ready to die for someone. Maybe, I am a coward and I am afraid to think about death.

I love the story of Adam and Eve more than the other love story. The story shows the recklessness of love. They dare to leave happy vanity, to leave paradise, to enjoy the happiness of the earthly life. Naked, this  is the basic instinct but it provides for two persons  a real feeling. They love with an emotion and can feel it through their eyes, smiles and their body. The love is really like a priceless gift that nature bestowed on humans. The love has an important role in my life, so I appreciate it immensely. In the past, the old men and ladies were not able to date or live in loving days together. However, they still lived happily and had many children after they got married. I witnessed an old man when his wife died. After one month, he could not bear it and killed himself. There is something healing them more than the love. For example, women who are Muslim can only see their husband when the wedding night has begun. I want to give them my sympathy, but in their opinion, the start of marriage leads to love. That is as ordinary to them as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West.

 Nowadays, people love strongly, and find the way to conquer their lover and make them happier. However, if they live together for a few years, they usually argue and sadden themselves. If they are good people and have enough knowledge to solve the problem well, they can continue their life quietly. If not, they can divorce.. No child is fine, but the children are so sad if their parents leave them. The love is really beautiful, but the most important thing is life in the future. We do no think that there is a beautiful love and a smooth family life too. Maybe that is wrong because love is maintained when we have to try to work together. Love is not a weed; it is a tree, it needs to be cultivated. If not, the tree will die slowly. And then, the digging and gnawing and crying for beautiful days will surely come.

Whether you have a lover or not, please try to live your life fully. In addition, please open your heart and let it show you the way to express your love to someone. Every day deserves to be called a loving day. In a year, there is not only one loving day, but loving days will travel with us up to the end of our life. Finally, I hope you will have a nice Valentine’s Day.


Văn Tú_11AV

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