As we know, unemployment is always a concern for everyone and more awful when people have gotten married because they have to do domestic work a little. However, we should remember that our family's members are anxious when we try to find a new job.

It is not so easy if someone has teenage children and certainly, children will think sadly that their parents do not have enough money to buy new clothes for them and they will never ask for money from their parents either. On the one hand, some old people like grandparents think that this problem is not only pocket money but also their children's life. Although we can be calm and confident and very good, we should not ignore everyone around us. And here are four tips to help us to assure our family's members, to make fun and comfort in our family, when we fall into unemployment unexpectedly.

            First of all, we can consult information and should not hesitate to discuss with our family’s members about our intent for a strategy to apply for a new job and share with the others about our plan in the near future when we hear about this. It is really simple, but remember that it is very important because it will help us to dispel tension in family and the times of crisis will be over and everyone in our family will be feeling more and more comfortable.

            The second is sympathy, which means the change of work always affects our family's life and we should not think that our work is only known by us and we only take care of it alone. All members in our family need to know about that and support us whenever we need supporting. If you have children, please keep patience to listen, share our children's attention and help them to have peace of mind about it.

            The third is optimism. Although we will have a lot of difficulties in the future, we should not be hurried, especially if it is hard for us to find a new job. Please calm down to find the right way and help our family to have a peaceful feeling about us. Let's think that our children grow up, will work and, maybe, they will also fall into unemployment like us now.

            The next is the spirit of cooperation. Even though we have an intent how to find a new job, we also should share it with our family's members and cooperate with them. Of course, the decision to work is ours and the participation of our relatives is only advisory, but that makes them feel secure and more comfortable. Another one is the pressure of emotion. While we are unemployed, we easily become frustrated or uncomfortable. In addition, we are sometimes irritable or shout in vain. It is not all right because these feelings can cause discord in our family. Therefore, we should try to learn the way to calm down and control our emotion and not fall into the state of stress.

            The final, and very important thing, is confidence, which is always necessary and it is so urgent in this situation. When we try to smile and show confidence on our face more, our relatives will also trust that the opportunity of a new job will come with us tomorrow. When we have confidence, the pressure of work is no longer so bad. We will have enough time to think and search for the information about a new job carefully. Some tips are mentioned above that are useful for us.. However, if we are not unemployed, but our relatives and especially, the “main pillar” in our family is unemployed, what should we do to help them? When the “main pillar” in our family falls into unemployment, it is synonymous with losing our provider and falling into tension. Before facing up to this situation, most of members in our family do not know what they should do. Please do not worry about this and consult my ideas.

            Hereafter, I would like to recommend for us some advice for practical ways to help relatives or the “main pillar” in our family effectively.

            First, we should review the circumstances of our current finances regarding what we own or not. If we own things, how much?

            In addition, let’s count the total money in our savings account to check that it is enough for us to use for some months and that our family has enough money to pay for all the bills such as electricity, water, internet, food….etc. When we estimate the state of our finances, we will be aware of the current situation and know that we have to change our way of living.

            Next, we can share this work with friends and our relatives. Maybe, we will be shy because our “main pillar” loses work and they are not able to provide nourishment to our family, but we are wrong. Nowadays, the state of economy is more and more difficult, so this is the reason why unemployment is increasing fast and our parent is only one of millions of unlucky people. Instead of the shyness and our self-rebuking, please share it with your relatives and friends by direct or indirect ways like on blogs, facebook, twitter, yahoo,etc. Maybe someone is friends with our relatives who has information on recruitment and will tell us tomorrow. Thus, we can help the “main pillar” in our own family to find a new job quickly. After that, we need to decrease our family’s expenses. This is an important step in our plan to control the finances when the “main pillar” in our family loses work. However, it is not only us but also the other members in our family who should also change their way of living and expense. If it looks like the past, we could spend our money freely and were willing to buy anything as long as we liked. But now, please think about it carefully before buying something, we should only use our money for essential things and count all of our expenses everyday and try to find a place to buy thing cheaply.

            Moreover, all costs of living daily like food, phone, shopping…etc. we also need to reduce to the minimal extent. We have to be aware of the current situation of our family to use each coin legitimately.

            In addition, we can find substitute support. Right now, finding sources of support is not only for the “main pillar” but also of the other members in the family. This is a part of the difficult time. Therefore, instead of just sitting and waiting for someone, let’s find a job to have extra money and cover daily activities. Part-time jobs will be a great selection for us in this time. If we have a lot of money in our account and can afford to spend it for a long time, we also should not be subjective or misusing. We only spend money, but do not earn money and that means our life will be ended early. Therefore, although our savings account has much or little, we still have to find a job for ourselves.      

            Besides that, if we have owed someone, we can ask for our family’s members to contact with a creditor and explain to them about the situation of the current finances of our family. Maybe, the creditor agrees to delay payment or proposes a solution for us. Remember that, we should not cut off contact with the creditor because that is a mistake. Maybe, it will also become a bad situation if we meet the creditors again if we do not have contact or give an explanation for a long time.

            Finally, let’s apply for unemployment benefits from the government (working at least several weeks)., if we live in other countries because this resource is only general in some foreign countries and it is not common in Vietnam. I hope that when you read my writing you will have a new view about unemployment. We deal with it, but let’s not be too pessimistic about it. Let’s find the practical methods to face up to it, instead of wasting our time to be sad or bored about unemployment because that is not interesting and very awful. And now, please have a nice weekend at ESC!


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