We cannot exist without food, water and some things like that; therefore we must work. But how do the jobless live?
Before we start to look for solutions to this problem, we will find out about the definition of unemployment. Unemployment (or joblessness), as defined by the International Labor Organization, occurs when people are without jobs and they have actively sought work within the past four weeks . Nowadays there are many people who are unemployed, they predominate a number of the population and estrain economic development in all countries.

Unemployment is a serious problem, governments in all countries should solve it as soon as possible because unemployment is occurring more and more all over the world. There are many causes of unemployment.  The first cause is the changes of careers from traditional careers into modern careers using all types of machines instead of human labor is increasing yearly to save time and money. For example, in the past time if a factory wanted to operate it needed a lot of workers; but today it just needs an engineer to control machines. The lack of skill and ability is another cause of unemployment. An unskilled labor force cannot be successful in doing any work. If a chance of employment is created, only the skilled laborers can also adapt to the new surroundings.

            In Viet Nam, the government should give some effective solutions such as vocational guidance, vocational training, labour export…First of all, with young laborers  who don’t  have a lot of  knowledge, the government can open career schools and encourage them to learn a career and after that they will be introduced to some companies or factories to do work. And one important thing is vocational training in the high school curriculum. It’s necessary to teach it as a formal subject. The students should be taught the knowledge and skills at school so that after leaving school they can find a job suited to their ability and their family’s condition. In addition, in recent years labor export solved a difficult problem for economies, laborers go abroad to do work at factories or large enterprises  in Korea, Malaysia, or Taiwan….They will send the money for their family, this way it helps them have a job with a high salary and get over unemployment. Besides, the government should support capital for the poor or the jobless to raise pigs, chickens, ox or start a business. And to ensure capital safely it is necessary to guide them in work. The government can open classes to teach essential technology for them. Unemployment is a social problem. Many other social problems are born from it. People who are out of work more easily become involved in social evils such as drug addiction, gambling, theft… They will be a financial burden for country, family, society.

            To sum up, I hope these solutions can decrease the unemployment rate in part, but the most important part is the attitude of the employee who is taking part in manufacturing. They must try to change and to get used to new technology and modern life. Preparing some job skills carefully and the ability to adapt to new technologies easily will help them.

Thien Trang_11AV

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