Unemployment is one of the urgent problems nowadays. It exerts an influence on people’s lives. This is a normal issue in industrialization. So, what is unemployment? We can understand it in a simple way, it is an unbalance between the supply and the demand. It means that there are many applicants for jobs, but there is not enough work to provide for them.

As you know, the main reason for the high level of unemployment is technological progress. There is no denying the fact. All of us know that the progress of science is good and it makes life easier. Maybe machines will replace people in almost all companies and businesses in the future. Each company only uses a few people to manage work. In fact, companies will use robots to complete work instead of using workers. Results of this work will have a bigger effect and they will not have to pay wages for workers. And they can use the money saved for more work. There are many companies that apply achievements of science into modes of production. This is very feasible for a developing company to grow bigger. If the situation still continues like this, everyone can’t get work. People’s lives will be more and more difficult.

            So, what should we do right now? This question is difficult to answer with all this information. But, if we think it is easy, it is easy. If we think it is so difficult, it is difficult. The matter is under consideration. There is nothing is we can’t solve. Everything becomes simple, if we look at the situation realistically. That is the truth.

            The threat of unemployment is serious; it can affect any one of us. It not only affects the breadwinner, but also the entire family. Especially, that is support of the family. They need have a job to cover their everyday needs. If the breadwinner of a family loses their job, the entire family will meet many difficulties in life. For example: if their family is living in a boarding house, they will face a problem paying rent. Also, they may spend money for eating and drinking every day, and the tuition for their children. There are many things to worry about. Almost all of us think that money is very important. Is it right? That isn’t wrong. Money is very important to keep things going on smoothly. If we have less or no money in hand, we won’t be able to do whatever we want. It is very difficult. So, unemployment is a very serious problem for all of us. Especially, some poor families have many children who are studying at high school. A job is very necessary for manual workers.

            Naturally, there are many definitions of poverty. But the most widely accepted definition is the state wherein a person has very little and no finances or education. Poverty as the result of unemployment works both ways. So, what is the basic reason for long term unemployment? As you see, the most basic reason why long term unemployment leads to poverty is the lack of a source of income. If a person simply does not have the ability to maintain his payments for food, clothing, shelter, working society and basic services, they will not function in the society (if such exists in a society), we have to find the answer to this complicated question.

            Do you know the reason is why more and more people are out of work? That is the economic imbalance in society. This is one of the important causes of unemployment that I am speaking to. It is also easy to understand that unemployment results from insufficient effective demand for goods and services in an economy. In addition, the structural problem and inefficiencies in the labor market cause unemployment. Unemployment hampers the development of a country. And workers also have to adjust to the new type of modern life in the country.

            When unemployment appears, it is a bad news for everyone. The most important thing is if the unemployment rate is high. It is making all of us dizzy when facing this complex problem.

            Would you rather live in a country with no unemployment? Of course, the answer is “yes, we would”. This is the thing that everyone wants.

            If we want to survive, we have to work. We have struggled with everyday life to sustain our physical being here on earth and strengthen our soul in preparation for a better life.

            We should have a good look to find a happy way to live better. It is very easy, when you think that you can do it. Best wishes for all people in the world. Hoping in the future won’t have unemployment.

Quynh Tran_11AV

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