“Will I get a stable job after graduating?”
Sometimes, sitting alone in my small room to study, I think about my life continually. Being a member in my family, I think that I need to study hard so that I can get a good and stable job in the future. Besides, I think, I must be responsible for earning a lot of money to repay my parents’ kindness because my parents brought me into this world, especially since they educated and brought me up to become a good person for this society today. Suddenly, a question appears in my mind after I read an article about unemployment nowadays.

             “Will I get a stable job after graduating?” I wondered. Indeed, this is a question asked by everyone. It is not only my worry but is also a worry of other students. Although we study different majors, we have the same thinking. Why? I do not know about the answer exactly, but I think that it is because of the effects of unemployment nowadays. It makes students so worried about the situation of unemployment. Therefore, we need to solve this problem rapidly and suitably so that student can get a good job after they graduate.  “How do we think about unemployment?” and “What must we do to solve this problem?”. Now, Let’s discover it.

            First of all, I want to mention about the situation of unemployment in Vietnam nowadays. It is one of the most pressing problems of any economy especially the underdeveloped and developing ones. According to statistics, Vietnam is one of the countries that have a high unemployment rate (4.65 percent). In 2008, there were approximately 3000 in the work force that had to return to their country after the work was exported. This indicates that unemployment is increasing more and more in Vietnam daily. Furthermore, we need to know the reason why students are terribly afraid of unemployment. There are three reasons that I want to share with you. First, according to statistics, there are more than 50 percent of students who do not get a job after they graduate. Besides, there are more and more students that have enough knowledge about their major to work, but they do not have the professional level and practical skills. After students graduate, they are not at a high enough level to work in some companies. This makes some employers so disappointed about the low educational quality of students now. Therefore, students should improve some soft skills such as public speaking, problem solving, communication skills, and information skills so that we can respond to the demands of employers actively and wisely.

            Next, students should regulate their attitude. When some students have an interview, they lack confidence. That makes them so worried and causes them to feel like a failure. We must trust in our abilities and remember that “Nothing is impossible”. Moreover, when we start to choose some professional fields to study, we should choose some that we like and indulge in discovering and studying it.

            Besides, the need of the market is very important, we need to choose jobs that our society really needs. If we do that, I believe that we can get a good and stable job in the future. Conversely, when we graduate, what if we do not get a job? “What happens to us?” This is a big question that makes the unemployed so worried. They are encountering and confronting their lives day by day. First, for ourselves, when we do not have a job, we do not go to work and do not have opportunities to communicate with everyone. It makes us more passive and timid.

            Besides, unemployment makes us waste a lot of time. We spend our time doing other unsuitable  and ineffective jobs. Furthermore, it affects our psychology seriously. For example, in Japan, there are many suicides day after day (13 percent) because they are unemployed. What a terrible action! Second, for our family, unemployment is synonymous with decreasing income, so we do not have enough money to spend in our family. It means our economy will meet many difficulties when we are unemployed.

            Finally, for our society, it makes the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) decrease because unemployment is expressed as a percentage of the total available work force. The level of unemployment varies with economic conditions and other circumstances.

Next, unemployment is the reason why crimes appear more and more in our society. When we do not have any jobs to do, we can be seduced easily, especially men. For instance, when they are unemployed, they can be shy and irritable in front of any person. Therefore, they often use wine to solve their problems because they think wine can help them forget everything easily. Seriously, they can find drugs to forget their worry. Furthermore, they treat their family violently. That is also the reason why “family violence” often appears in our society rapidly. Moreover, this makes their family lose happiness regrettably. Those are some things that I want to share with you regarding this topic.

In short, in my opinion, I think that unemployment is a difficult problem nowadays. It can not be solved immediately. It needs time for everyone to find solutions together. I hope all students in An Giang University will have a good job after graduating. Try our best and the opportunities will be in our

By Kim Tuyet_11AV

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