The children are very happy whenever mentioning the two words "Mid-autumn". They feel highly enthusiastic to wait for this day. Simply, this is the day dedicated to the children. Mid-Autumn is one of the major festivals of the year. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, children have the opportunity to learn the song "lantern parade in August (rước đèn tháng tám)" in interest:

 "Mid-Autumn Festival lantern parade go out, I lantern parade around the streets. My joyful heart when lamp has in hand. I sing and dance in the full moon. Lantern to the carp lantern, the swan lantern to the butterfly lantern. I lantern parade to the moon, the blue lantern to the purple lantern, the turquoise lantern to the white lantern. Look colorful bright lights” (“ tết trung thu rước đèn đi chơi, em rước đèn đi khắp phố phường. lòng vui sướng với đèn trong tay. Em múa ca trong ánh trăng rằm. đèn kéo quân với đèn cá trắm, đèn thiên nga với đèn bươm bướm. em rước đèn này đến cung trăng. Đèn xanh lơ với đèn tim tím, đèn xanh lam với đèn trăng trắng. trông ánh đèn rực rỡ muôn màu” )

The song is really lovely. The children receive not only a good time but also gifts from their close relatives. That is these gifts which they deserve to be received. But not all children are so lucky.

Thousands of children in the country are eager to welcome the Mid-Autumn festival with lots of joy and happiness. But in some places, there are so many poor children who are longing for a simple Mid-Autumn. Sometimes, this is also a luxury dream. Because there are so many children go to school and get work at the same time, they often have to help their parents to sell goods or look after their baby. The children are not in school because of livelihood.

Do you know? There are a lot of kids do not know the lunar day “15-8”? Not that the children do not know the number, do not know how to read, or do not understand the meaning of the Children's Festival that folk usually called Mid-autumn. Do you know what the reason is? I think all of us are enough intelligence to realize that, because the children need to live more than anything.

Mid-Autumn arrives; all people are eager to this day including young and old person, because this is the day which all family members gather together, eating, playing, and talking together under the full moon. Meanwhile, the children feel pleased to boast their new lanterns that parents bought for them. This is a day has the warm and joyful air. But they do not know in warm air of mid-autumn is still alternate of these dark life somewhere

As you know, a daily meal with the poor children is very important, a piece of clothing covering the body is the greatest happiness, do not say to moon cake, or star lantern..... In their mind, "Mid-Autumn Festival" is a really luxury thing, the children would never dare to think of it in a real sense. "Mid-Autumn Festival" just a normal day like any other day of the year, there are many pedestrians on the streets,  more color lights are hung in the streets, and busy streets than usual day. On this day, the children can play with star lantern in their delight, these images is really familiar. But the poor children are harder than usual days; they must also earn money to survive for the next day. Where has time for these hobbies? No more money to have a light meal for stomach is full, where has the money to buy lanterns?

In the Mid-Autumn festival atmosphere all over the country, the unfortunate children feel sad for their selves. Is it because they are not gifts, or not to welcome the Mid-Autumn party like other children? It's just a minor reason, the main reason the child are not hold the colorful lanterns and many different shapes, and not eat the cake aromatic characteristics of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Especially, they are not with their parents to enjoy the moonlight in the night of a full moon.

Life is a colorful picture and each of us is one of the pieces that make up the picture. We see it, and hoping these bright colors such as desire a full life, prosperity and happiness. Accidentally, we have forgotten those dark colors of the painting. That's these unlucky destinies, these naïve images of children cannot go to school, they are with bare head and bare foot to cover their life under the sun and the rain, that is a burning summer or cold of winter.

Life is unfair. Why are there so many rich people on the world? Besides that, there are so many poor people. They must care for each meal and clothes daily. They always worry about tomorrow? “I'll be going?” this is the question in their head.... There are a lot of things to worry how to survive in this world without money? No time to think of the "mid-autumn"? Livings of these poor people are destitute. In their heads, they only thought how to not be hungry, the thought as if "their life has no tomorrow." We are human but why is there much big difference like this? Many rich people have money; they do not know to do something? Using the money enters these very useless things, and the poor is really hard to earn money? That must be so absurd? It is still a question no answer.

We are the children of the Fairy and the Dragon on land and people of Viet Nam and there are many tender hearts on that land. They are always wide-open their arms to bring joy to those unlucky people by the simple forms, but rich in kindness. They bring many things such as: moon cakes, books, pens, clothes, noodles and so on. These things carry to the places where there are a lot of poor people to give to the children as a little gift in mid-autumn. It's the little gifts that meaningful for these unfortunate children. The poor children see these gifts as treasures that heaven has given to their selves. Only little action has brought joy and happiness to others, bring faith to their lives. So, why do not we open our hearts to help them? One people will not do anything without the help of everyone around. Solidarity can do everything. Nothing is impossible.

All of us are brothers. We live on the same land, drink the same water, and were born in this world that's great luck and happiness that we received. So, why do not we protect each other? We are a family? If we are luckier than others, we should be grateful for it, instead of saying thanks, and then we should action for own words by helping the poor people. Not that the money is the only thing to help others. Just have a lovely heart, anything is possible. What we are doing is our real personality. Our contributions are little actions; it is an important part of helping our country more prosperous in the future. Although each of us contributes very little, it brings joy to the children how great it is? Our simple actions will bring smiles to children.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a significant custom, will be a day full of meaning if we contribute a certain effort, it's more valuable. That is the meaning of care, of hospitality, of gratitude, of friendship, of reunion, of love. And we need to maintain and develop this noble meaning.

Dear friends! "Happiness comes from sharing" are simply small actions, but sometimes we accidentally forget. So, why do not we start now? I cannot do it by myself without everyone.

Quynh Tran_ 11AV

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