In general, there are two main festive days for children, including the International Children’s Day (ICD) and the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, if we compare the ICD with the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival is more enjoyable. On that day, we can have fun with everyone and enjoy the large gathering of people on the streets. Also, we can enjoy a big plate of food at home. Moreover, we may enjoy playful amusement with the neighbors at night, or just the simple joy of watching the moon with our family.

My mother usually says that the moon is fullest in the Mid-Autumn night. Indeed, when we look up at the sky on the night of the Mid-Autumn festival, we will see a splendid circle of light. In addition, the color of moonlight is the same as honey, and pours down everywhere through the darkness, causing the leaves and grass to shimmer. Many children are eager to look up at the moon with happy thoughts because they wish to see Miss Hang Nga and Uncle Cuoi – two people living on the moon, as told in the ancient legend.

In the children’s eyes, beautiful Miss Hang Nga was walking with her lovely rabbit on the moon. But Uncle Cuoi, he could not find his buffalo, and sat down near a marvelous banyan tree, feeling hopeless. The Mid-Autumn festival looks like a nice picture at night. Those beautiful figures of the full moon night run into the children’s soul quietly. Looking up at the vast sky, my heart is so emotional, viewing the full moon as a woman smiling radiantly down on everyone. Besides, those stars are the eyes of God in heaven, and sharing happiness with everyone.

When the Mid-Autumn festival comes, it is so crowded on the streets, just as it is during Tet holidays at night. When going out, we see many groups of people dancing excitedly. Many young girls wear cute hats like princesses and hold traditional star lamps - which is made by ten bamboo-needles knitted together like the figure of a star. After that, it is wrapped in a red plastic paper and a candle is put into the middle of the bamboo star. Although, I have not made a star lamp, I love it very much. Whenever, I see the scenery mentioned above, I am so happy, because Vietnamese’s national characteristic is still preserved, and has not been forgotten. At my home, everyone reunites, sitting around a table full of pies, cakes, fruits and drink. I have not received this feeling for a long time, and thank the Lord for the Mid-Autumn night because it makes everyone come together.

At midnight, it is not as crowded and seems much colder. If we calmly sit down somewhere in front of our house, we see the full moon in quiet night. Those sweet memories from childhood will be safe in my heart forever. They remind me that I have to remember the good things my soul has experienced, and the love people share together during this holiday. Therefore, I smile happily when I think of past Mid-Autumn Festivals. The Mid-Autumn Festival will come and go. Everything will go back to normal and people will continue their work as usual. I think everyone will be satisfied with the Mid-Autumn night. I hope that the Mid-Autumn Festival will bring good things for everyone this year.

 Please review the nice memories in our childhoods, and smile happily, because we have become adults and students. Although we cannot go back to the past and be children again, we can still have a wonderful Mid-Autumn night with our family, relatives and friends. There is a lot of happiness in our lives.

I hope you will have a nice Mid-Autumn night!

Van Tu_11AV

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