Halloween celebrations share similarities around the world; however, each country has its own unique way of organizing and celebrating this autumn holiday. In fact, this day in Long Xuyen, especially at AGU English speaking club, is an interesting time. Halloween attracts many students from different departments, and this day becomes one of the most anticipated for its exciting and unique activities.

Generally speaking, on Halloween Day, children around the world often dress up as ghosts, or wear awful devil costumes, and knock at every family’s house in their neighborhoods to ask for candy. They say “Trick or Treat” – if the family they are visiting doesn’t give them candy, the trick or treat will harass them. It is probably a fantastic game; nevertheless, my college’s activities are no less wonderful. Everyone in English speaking club has thoughtfully prepared costumes to wear for Halloween, wears make-up and creates a terribly scary maze. For instance, one of the Halloween activities at AGU is watching films about ghosts’ love, made by each English class. But the most exciting part of the English-speaking club’s Halloween Party is a ghosts’ house or haunted house where almost all students would like to come. This place is a mysterious labyrinth with various categories of phantoms. Most students going in to this house are often scared and surprised by what they see. Artificial ghosts will hold people’s legs, hands, or shoulders, and try almost anything to scare you so that you will shout or scream.

Finally, Halloween is an exceedingly amusing day at my school. Thanks to English speaking club, I can know and experience Halloween. Everyone should take part in this celebration, because each year is more exciting. Halloween is an unforgettable day and an even more unforgettable night.

Be Quyen_12TA

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