Halloween is a large autumn festival in the United States and many other countries. One thing that will never be absent during a Halloween celebration is a pumpkin. As you know, pumpkins are carved into ghostly shapes and are often regarded as the most common symbol of Halloween. We know Halloween is a holiday to have fun and relax, but do you ever think about the meaning of Halloween?

We will understand the meaning of Halloween through two aspects. Legend has it that Jack was an intelligent person, but he was very stingy. There is a lesson to be learned from his actions and life. Life should not be greedy, miserly or stingy, like Jack’s was. Also, we must have charity and compassion for poor people. Especially, we should not play with the devil, like Jack did. If we play with the devil, we will easily be tempted to go into the darkness and sin. So, it is important to take this knowledge and avoid the devil.

       For many Europeans and Americans, Halloween has become an annual festival of fun for children and adults, and a few people are interested in finding out the origins of Halloween. Secondly, that is the meaning of humanity of Halloween festival. Jack has one day to be back in the land of the living. In that day, he can fun and be comfortable. Because living people disguised themselves as the devil, so Jack’ soul has infiltrated Halloween to decrease his loneliness. This is the meaning of Halloween. With this meaning, everyone will have a more comprehensive view about Halloween festival. I hope all of us will have a nice Halloween celebration!

Quynh Tran_11AV

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