How would you respond if someone asked you whether you have and idol or not. Perhaps, most of you would say “yes” and others would say “no”. Certainly, each person also has his or her own reasons to answer this question. An idol is the manifestation of passion and venerable admiration. Today, young people often choose a famous idol for themselves. These teenagers also consider idols as models to imitate, choose to honor them ardently. But some people think that their personality would be changed or would disappear completely if they were to copy their idols exactly. So some people do not want to choose anyone as their idol. Whether and idol is harmful or not, depends on your thoughts as well as your actions.

        First of all, I want to mention the word “catastrophe”.  In this context, the word means a big consequence caused by the blind actions of teenagers. As you know, most students consider singers or other superstars as great idols in their lives. However, they rarely chose a good teacher, great author, or some famous scientist to follow their example.

What do you think about the schoolboy who is willing to bend on one knee to and kiss his idol’s chair? This question is asked to everyone.  Some people wonder if schoolboy knows what honor is, and whether he has foolishly lost his personality.  This behavior does not only impact the individual, but also society. What would happen if all people imitated someone’s personality and changed their own style? For instance, singers often wear modern and colorful clothes or interesting hairstyles to attract people’s attention. They want to be more famous among the crowded public. That is the reason why we meet some students with red or yellow hair in some schools now. How would those schools become if all of students wore the same clothes as their idols? Maybe these students like imitating their idols to make them feel special from others, or to attract attention. But nowadays, the pity is that many students often ignore social work and volunteer activities to indulge in their idols. They are willing to give up their studies so that they can take part in some forums or watch shows about their idols.

       I remember that I used to watch the video clips of Super Junior’s band, which happened on March, 15th in Ha Noi. In this video clip, most of their fans are teenagers. Some of them took banners and screamed noisily.  

        “Super Junior, I love you” Teenagers screamed continuously.

       This is the common saying of teenagers for their idols. Generally, idols can be singers, actresses, teachers, or even a good student in their school that they admire or want to emulate. Having an idol is popular not only in Viet Nam but also all over the world.

In my mind though, there are other people to admire besides singers and actresses. I will always admire and honor my parents because they have raised me to become a good person. Although someone can forget or ignore their idols one day, I can never forsake my parents. They are my special idols, forever in my heart. Otherwise, I also admire scientists so much because they continually research and create many surprising and useful things in all of our lives. I wish everyone, especially students, would choose a more appropriate idol.

To sum up, idols have both positive and negative points. Normally, when we indulge in idols excessively, it is difficult for us to recognize how it is harmful. Therefore, we need to confine disadvantageous points of passion for idols by picking and choosing idols more carefully. By this careful consideration of choosing idols, our lives will be better and happier.

Kim Tuyet_11AV

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