I admire people from various fields. At home, my parents are my idols. At school, the teachers are my idols. Now, I am a new student at An Giang University. I feel proud to be a student at this school.

An Giang University (AGU) is a new, nice, active and famous school. When mentioning AGU, the name “Vo Tong Xuan” is familiar with every student and teacher here as the very excellent man of An Giang province, the honor of An Giang’s land and people.

I admire Prof. Dr. VoTong Xuan not only for his talent, but also for his stamina. I think I need to study and learn most from his incredible stamina to overcome hardships. Difficulties such as poverty or sickness did not hold him back. With burning passion and great ambition, he went to work in foreign country, and enhanced his understanding of higher education so that he could share this when coming back to Vietnam. Mr. Xuan loves his country. Thanks to his returning Viet Nam, students are able to study at the second university in the Mekong Delta, An Giang University.

            I am currently a freshman. I see a great number of things waiting for me to discover at this school. There will be lots of obstacles ahead. And Mr. Xuan will be always the bright light leading me towards success. I wish to study well in order to be a helpful man for our beloved Viet Nam.

Phan Lan_13SH

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