We all have our own idols. And I am no exception. Some of us admire singers, actresses, diplomats, politicians, or scientists around the world. Our idols are often popular and talented. In our eyes, an idol is the most elite, the most beautiful, and nearly without shortcomings.

When someone has his or her own idol, the idol becomes an ideal model to learn and imitate. The idol usually has great influence over the person who looks up to the idol. They might even imitate everything according to their idol’s style of dress, lifestyle, and hobbies-including use of language in communication.

Do you know who my idol is? I do not think you will be too surprised when I mention the name, because the person is quite familiar to many people. And I dare to assert that some others may admire this person too. Can you guess? Very close, familiar to all of our daily lives. He is always there at the right time, especially when we need protection and comfort. When we feel our weakest, he is always present at the right time. No one else but my beloved DADDY!

My father is different from other fathers. He loves me so much, but does not always show it the way other fathers do.  My father always wants me to solve my own problems. I am responsible for what I do. He never compliments me as other fathers might. For example, when he I am looking beautiful or doing well in school, he never compliments me, even when I earned ten out of ten marks.  On the contrary, my father is always looking for weaknesses, so he can point them out to me. Although I always try to do my best, he can still find my weaknesses. My father always wants me to try and be as close to "perfect" as I can be.  When I was younger, I got tired of my father’s unreasonable expectations of me. I'm just a very ordinary person, how can I be expected to be perfect?  And that's just thinking of a few years ago. But, now I have to thank my father for changing my thinking.  My father taught me how to live in this world as a more confident person, and to always seek to learn more and improve myself.  My father has taught me many valuable lessons, which I will never forget, and I could not have learnt them from anyone other then my father.

In my eyes, my father is a really great person. I feel very lucky to have him as a father. He pampers me with everything. From childhood to now, every time I get sick, he always drives me to the hospital; even now, as a third year student. Whenever my mother was away, my father took good care of me; always preparing meals for me and generally being considerate. When I live away from home while going to school, he phones me each day to remind me to eat. My father asks questions such as: "Are you ok?  Are you eating? How is your studying?"

          I still remember when I took the university examination; this day it was pouring rain. My father was waiting outside the school gates, as wet as a drowned rat. That image is embedded forever in my recollection. When I came back home, sitting beside my father, I cried a lot! I cried not because I do not do well on the examination, but because my father was cold. My father's face looked pale.  The love my father has reserved for me is so great.  I do not know exactly what to do to make my father happy. I only know how to live healthily and happily, so that he does not have to worry about me anymore. I will not let my father have any frustration about his daughter. He is the greatest idol of my heart. I love my father very much!!!

Quynh Tran_11AV

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