We would like you to join our English Speaking Club with the topic “DATE” at 6.40p.m this Sunday (November, 18th 2012).

At the English Speaking this week you can share your answers to the questions below:

            At what age do you think dating should begin? Why?

            What kind of place do you think is the ideal for a first date? 

         Describe the appearance and quality of the person you would like to   date with.

          Would you continue to date someone you really liked if your parents  did not like this person? Why or why not?

You can also have chance to join hot and funny games, enjoy sweet English melodies, smooth dances, practice English through the mini-pronunciation lesson, and receive nice gifts.

ALL THE INTERESTING ACTIVITIES ARE  WAITING   FOR YOU AT 6.40 IN HALL A, CAMPUS A, AN GIANG UNIVERSITY.                                                                                                            


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